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Walking Alongside The Yokai With millennium parade

Walking Alongside The Yokai With millennium parade

yokai millennium parade

Do you know what it’s like to walk with the yokai? It’s okay if you don’t. At The Honey POP, we learn new things about different cultures every day, whether it comes through music or literature. The most recent lesson? Japanese creative-collective music group, millennium parade, teaching us how to walk alongside the yokai with their debut album, The Millennium Parade. The title of the album, in addition to the musical tracks on it, is inspired by the famous Japanese folklore, Hyakki Yagyo (The Night of One Hundred Demons)

Daiki Tsuneta, the organizer of millennium parade, assembled a team of talented musicians, directors, visual artists, and more to help bring this project to life. The project that is millennium parade combines the different storytelling aspects of art to help push the narrative forward. Since their formation, millennium parade has racked up an impressive amount of streams across all music platforms.

The album starts with the introduction track, ‘Hyakki Yagyo’ which gives you a feel of a festival environment before diving straight into ‘Fly With Me.’ ‘Fly With Me’ is a pre-release track and serves as the official theme song for Netflix’s Ghost In The Shell: SAC_2045 reboot.

As the album progresses, you could see the influence of the many music genres within the tracks. The album has a track for anyone and everyone. Dream pop influences are evident within tracks such as ‘BonDance’ and ‘Plankton,’ while hip-hop beats are prevalent in ‘Philip’ and ‘Fly With Me.’ Other genres included are jazz, rock, electronica, and classical. It’s a well-rounded album that has just a bit of something for everyone. The album is even a bit more compelling than others because of how seamlessly the tracks blend within each other. If any of you know the famous folklore Hyakki Yagyo, you would completely be able to see how the music embodies the folklore perfectly. Give it a try! Close your eyes, and imagine it. 

There are fourteen tracks on the album in total, and five of them serve as an interlude to the next song. The Millennium Parade was built around the theme of “mourning what we have lost, and celebrating the new to come,” according to the group. On the cover of the album, Tezutsu Hanabi, the oldest form of Japanese fireworks that is encased by bamboo and must be held by hand, is held by Ebisu, one of the seven Gods of Fortune in Japanese Folklore. Tezutsu Hanabi was traditionally used to protect from evil spirits and to pray for a good harvest. Some of us in the team are in love with folklore in general, so imagine when we found out those neat facts!

Are you willing to walk alongside the yokai with us and millennium parade? You can stream the album on Spotify here to start. Let us know in the comments below or on Twitter @TheHoneyPOP!

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