We’re Feeling Free & PRETTYMUCH Vibing To This New Music Video

We’re Feeling Free & PRETTYMUCH Vibing To This New Music Video

You know, we appreciate getting back to back content from our faves. It truly is the best kind of serotonin boost. PRETTYMUCH is one of those faves and boy, are they delivering on the content front. They’re not slowing down any time soon, from dropping a new music video and single to releasing the brand new Smackables EP. They’ve continued with the releases, dropping a music video for ‘Free,’ one of the tracks off of Smackables.

Image Source: Ryan Kevin

If you ask us, ‘Free’ is one of the standout tracks off of the EP. It’s a breakup track, unlike anything we’ve heard before. You can feel the emotion in the song. ‘Free’ is a melancholy reflection about letting go of a relationship because it’s the best thing for that relationship. With ‘Free’, much like with the rest of PRETTYMUCH’s catalog, you can hear how distinct PRETTYMUCH’s sound is. They’re doing things differently from a lot of the other popular boybands. They’re breaking the boyband mold by following the popular musical trends right now, giving them a more mature, distinct sound and making it enjoyable for fans to vibe with their music.


We love music videos that are like mini-movies. The ‘Free’ music video tells the whole story of a relationship, following the song’s theme and how the couple eventually realizes they have to let each other go. PRETTYMUCH make their appearance in the music video by driving around, even driving past the featured couple at one point. There’s a big emphasis on cars, and the couple’s relationship is shown primarily through scenes of them driving around in a car. The video opens with the couple saying goodbye in front of a car as the girl drives off. It captures the song’s message perfectly, showing that even though the relationship was good, it made sense that it had to end. It’s something that many of us can probably relate to, it’s not easy, but sometimes it’s the right thing to do.

So what do you think of the video? Can you relate? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPop!


Featured Image Source: Ryan Kevin

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