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6 Reasons Why We’re OBSESSED with WandaVision

6 Reasons Why We’re OBSESSED with WandaVision

The new WandaVision series has taken the world by storm and excited fans across the globe. In this completely spoiler-free article, we’re gonna tell you six reasons why we’re obsessed with the show. No spoilers!

1. WandaVision: The start of a new format in the MCU

The MCU movies have without exception been massive successes. They’ve found a recipe for movies that work and keep pumping out banger after banger. Getting to see our favorite superheroes interact on the big screen like they do in many comics has been amazing and is a big part of the franchise’s success. Marvel has taken character development to a whole new level. We already know that Marvel knows how to make good series, but the fact that these series are now a part of the MCU excites us beyond words. WandaVision is the beginning of a new era of the MCU!

2. Exploring Scarlet Witch

Scarlet Witch aka Wanda Maximoff is a super interesting character that has sadly not been explored enough in the MCU thus far. We know from the MCU movies that she has telepathic abilities, can get into people’s minds and make them have visions, but we don’t really know just how powerful these powers are. Being able to explore her character in a series gives fans a great opportunity to get a better insight into these powers. 

3. Different eras

As we’ve already seen from the trailers, the WandaVision series is going to have themes from different eras. This includes fashion, interior design, format, and cinematography. So if you’re into pop culture and different eras excite you, this is definitely the show for you! 

4. Vision is back!

As we all know, Thanos defeated Vision in Avengers: Infinity War in order to get the mind stone. But somehow he is back. There has been no explanation of how he’s back yet. So one can wonder if this series follows the path of Avengers: Endgame and uses time travel. Or Vision somehow came back either when the Hulk or Iron Man snapped their fingers, or if there’s another explanation. Whatever the reason is, we know Marvel well enough to know they wouldn’t just bring him back for no reason. So we have even more reason to be excited about this show. 

Image Source: Courtesy of Marvel Studios/Disney+

5. Return of beloved characters

In addition to the obvious return of Vision, we can expect to get more familiar faces back in WandaVision. Like we discussed earlier, the MCU is great at establishing characters and then integrating them into different storylines. That means we can expect to see some familiar faces, and maybe even some new ones, in this series. We can think of at least 20 characters we’d love to see in this show one way or another. 

6. The waiting game

This one might be controversial, but we actually kinda love the fact that there’s only one episode per week. Remember back in the day before streaming, when you had to wait for new episodes of your favorite tv shows to premiere? How exciting it was to finally find out what happens next? This is exactly what you get with WandaVision right now. Nowadays we just blast through a whole series in the span of a weekend and then get sad that it’s over. Getting on Google after binging a show you like just to find out that the next season is coming out 2 years from now is the worst. With WandaVision you can get home after a long week of school or work and kick off the weekend in the best way possible with a new episode. You get that excitement every week and it gives you time to truly enjoy the show. Also by the time the season is done, you’ll be ready to start rewatching!

The first five episodes of WandaVision are ready to stream on Disney+ and new episodes are released every Friday. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do!

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Featured image source: Courtesy of Marvel Studios/Disney+

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