Christian Leave Blows Us Away With ‘Heavy Hitting Hurts My Head’

Christian Leave Blows Us Away With ‘Heavy Hitting Hurts My Head’

If Christian Leave isn’t on your radar, we’d recommend changing that immediately. He’s got this way with music that just feels like it comes naturally to him. He’s an artist that once you listen to one song, you’re hooked, and will play it about 100 times. To all of our luck, he released his newest EP, Heavy Hitting Hurts My Head, which contains five tracks and is sure to wow. We like to process bodies of work one song at a time, so that’s what we’re doing here for you. Track-by-track style. 

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We are in love with the beat of this track – what a jam. Christian has an insane voice, and that’s noticeable right out of the gate. This song feels like it has some Bleachers influence or possibly a bit of The 1975, it’s super indie and modern, and we can’t get enough. The notes that are hit near the end of the track made us replay it just to hear them again and again. Yes, it’s that good. 

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We love a slower track and we are ready to cry. This stripped-down track with Christian’s voice at the forefront is so pleasant. The lyrics “I buried my emotion in this social interaction” is just stellar. We had no idea Christian wrote at this level. ‘Filth’ is a complete reflection of depression. When you pay attention solely to the lyrics you realize its depth and might even be moved to tears like we currently are. It will be hard to top Track No.2 for us, but if anyone can do it, it’s Christian. 

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This is a complete vibe. It’s so chill and beautiful, and the vocal effects?! Hello?! How stunning. It’s a mildly haunting feeling but in the best way. And then right about the halfway point, you get this heavy instrumental, and it’s just perfect. This song is perfect. The line, “Too much pressure killed the kid,” feels like getting hit by a truck. What a heartbreaking way to describe growing up too fast because of societal pressures. 

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‘Hearts Melt’

Okay, Christian, we see you! This is such a jam! It’s fast-paced and feels like it belongs in a coming of age movie. It’s very Wallows-esque. ‘Hearts Melt’ is some of the best indie-pop out there! It’s a fact – not just our opinion. It’s very rare to find an artist and like the entire body of work, and we are obsessed.

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‘Your Life Your Time’

Another coming of age soundtrack worthy masterpiece? Sign us up! This song is reflecting on a relationship where everything was on the other person’s terms. We have all been there, and simply put, it sucks. ‘Your Life Your Time’ puts all the feelings into words so beautifully. Christian has done it again. And after listening to this EP, it’s safe to say we will be paying attention to any future projects. What an incredible artist.

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We would love to hear from you! What did you think of Christian’s EP? Let us know by commenting down below or tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP! We are also on Facebook and Instagram!


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