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Jodie Marie Finds The Answer In Newest Album

Jodie Marie Finds The Answer In Newest Album

You guys know what time it is! It’s time to break down the newest Jodie Marie album The Answer, track-by- track! It’s really the best way to be able to talk about each song!

‘You Are My Life’

Jodie’s voice in this is stunning. The song itself reminds us of music that would have been in an old Hollywood movie. It’s regal as it is romantic. There is clear soul in her voice. With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, we now feel extra single.

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‘Ain’t No Doubt About It’

Here is that soul again. It just pours from Jodie’s voice. We want to swing dance to this song and we can’t explain why but it’s a must. It’s very cutesy, in the best way. It’s always nice to listen to a song that is just pure joy like this one!


This is a more slowed down track. The high notes she hits just sound effortless. The lyric “I feel shivers down my spine some kind of torture yet sublime” is so beautiful, and quite literally sent shivers down our spine. There is a male vocalist harmonizing in the background and it’s such a pleasant surprise.

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‘A Whole Lot Of Loving’

And here we are right back with this music packed full of soul. This song feels a bit country-infused more so than any song on the album so far. There are few things we love more than a good old country love song so we are on board! Jodie’s voice perfectly fits in with this kind of music.

‘Curse The Day’

Now that we’ve made the country connection, we can hear it fully in this track. Tons of Little Big Town vibes we are getting from Jodie in this one. The lyric “I curse the day that you were born” is brilliant. We can never get enough of a woman getting her revenge through song.

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‘Kiss These Tears Away’

We are ready to slow dance. It’s all we can picture. We genuinely don’t think a better slow dance song has ever existed. The slow but heavy drums and her beautiful, powerful voice is the perfect recipe to take us back in time to school dances. We’re convinced there’s no mood Jodie can’t set with her voice.

‘The Answer’

It’s the title track which means high hopes. And of course, Jodie exceeded all of them. There is a lot of jazz elements to this track. All of these tracks feel so big and like they’re meant to be performed live so we can not wait for that.

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‘Saving Grace’

Goodness, this track is so beautiful. It’s the softest point of the record. It feels timeless. We just keep listening to how vulnerable Jodie sounds and keep getting goosebumps. The piano is the perfect instrument for this track, it sets the mood you want it to. The concept that someone can be your ‘Saving Grace’ is just so precious.

‘Hanging By A String’

Unlike the last slower track, this slowed down the track isn’t soft and delicate, but rather pointed and a call out. Jodie saying she can’t “keep hanging by a string,” says it all. Directly addressing a relationship you know needs to end is the best way to come to terms with it, which is what this song feels like.

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‘Don’t Go Telling Me (That It’s Over)’

This is a perfect example of the blues. It’s reminiscent of both jazz and country and fits perfectly right in the middle. It’s one of our favorite tracks off the album and we’ve replayed it several times. Jodie did what she had to do and we fully support her!

‘This House’

The beat to this song is a bit different than anything else we’ve heard on this record. It’s funky, but in only good ways. Jodie just keeps proving you can’t pin her down to any certain sound. It’s so clear on this track.

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‘You’re Gonna Miss Me (When I’m Gone)’

We will admit it, when we saw the title we thought it was a cover of the Anna Kendrick song. While we didn’t get that, what we did get was this incredible closing track! It encompasses all that is wonderful about Jodie, her voice and writing ability, and the way she plays with genres!

It’s a job well done, Jodie Marie!

We would love to hear from you! What did you think of The Answer? Let us know by commenting down below or tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP! We are also on Facebook and Instagram!


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