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Pentatonix Just Released Their Newest Album And After Listening We’re Sure We’re The Lucky Ones

Pentatonix Just Released Their Newest Album And After Listening We’re Sure We’re The Lucky Ones

Everyone’s favorite acapella group Pentatonix just released their second album of all originals, The Lucky Ones. And you guys, this is a next-level project. No one in the industry is doing it like these five musicians. The talent they exude is just otherworldly.

The Lucky Ones is an 11 track full-length album and you know what that means. We are taking this track by track baby!

‘Happy Now’

So ‘Happy Now’ was the first track released from The Lucky Ones back in August. While we’ve heard it before, we can’t help but jam out! Scott, who has this compelling voice, is fronting the song, and as usual, he kills it. The notes he hits are just unreal and is why we believe he will go down as one of the greatest vocalists. This song takes you through the aftermath of a breakup and navigating if it’s okay to be in a good place. We can’t get enough of what an upbeat, positive song this is, we are truly ‘Happy Now’.

‘Love Me When I Don’t’

This is an early contender for the favorite song on The Lucky Ones. Mitch and Kirstin seem to be at the forefront, and that’s precisely what we are here for! One thing about Pentatonix that is so beautiful is they give everyone time to shine. Mitch has this soft yet firm voice that is just pure excellence, and it’s showcased so well here. The concept of “you always know how to love me when I don’t” is just so beautiful, and it’s the kind of relationship we strive for. This song feels celebratory in a way, and we can’t get enough.

‘Coffee In Bed ‘

You can hear Kevin and Matt so clearly doing the damn thing in the background! We love to hear it! You will never listen to us complaining about a little Scömìche action. Scott and Mitch have these voices that just perfectly blend and always have. So far, all of the songs on The Lucky Ones have been these upbeat, bright songs, and we are so here for it! With ‘Coffee In Bed,’ the lyrics are cutesy and feels like a perfect song to drop right before Valentine’s Day.

‘Be My Eyes’

Matt and Kevin are once again showing up and showing out right off the bat! It’s so wonderful to see how Kirstin heavy this song is. She’s such a strong vocalist, and we were hoping to get a piece just like this on The Lucky Ones. The whole concept behind “be my eyes when I can’t see” is so beautiful. Sometimes you get blindsided and can’t see things clearly, and this song is about having a significant other to be your eyes and guide you through those situations.

‘A Little Space’

Holy Shit! Forget being a contender for the favorite song on The Lucky Ones; we can’t imagine a piece being more perfect. So many of us have dealt with relationships where it’s all moving too fast, and we need a little space. This whole song is just one big message. It’s the aftermath of having the revelation that things need to stop for a while, or permanently. Aside from the lyrical content, the sound of the song is so upbeat and fun. We can all get down to heartbreak together!


And here we are! We have gotten to the first slower song on The Lucky Ones, and as if to fulfill all our dreams, it’s fronted by Mitch and his angelic voice. The song is stunning, but one part that just wowed us was the post-chorus. It is just breathtaking. It is a heartbreaking plea to someone you feel is against you when you just want them on your side. We can relate all too well. When you see that Wrabel is a writer on this, the heartbreaking element makes sense.


Scott is just coming out swinging with how strong he sounds at the beginning of this song. And then you have these crazy vocal effects Mitch does on the “I just wanna be bored” part, and we are obsessed with it. This song lays out the goal, to be comfortable being bored with someone. Finding someone that you can ultimately be content with. Based on what we’ve heard of The Lucky Ones so far, love is a huge theme.

‘Exit Signs’

This is the second slower track on The Lucky Ones, and we just love it. ‘Exit Signs’ is so soft and delicate. All of the members’ voices sound beautiful and harmonize effortlessly. Kirstin is leading this song like the pro she is, and we love to see it! The lyrical content is strong, and we can see crying in our car to this one.

‘Never Gonna Cry Again’

Wow! What an incredible commentary on the way people perceive those with fame. It’s been a long-standing thing that some on the internet decided that you don’t get to have problems if you’re famous, which makes no sense to any level-headed person. Everyone is allowed to feel emotions and express them, and this song is playing on the idea that what those internet trolls say is true. It’s a stellar song and definitely, from a lyrical point, one of our favorites from The Lucky Ones.

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‘It’s Different Now’

Just so stunning. This will be the song on The Lucky Ones that makes us full ugly cry. We can’t imagine anyone’s voice sounds as beautiful as Kirstin’s does in this track. This whole track is about forgetting the past and only focusing on the present, and we think that there’s something everyone can take from the message of this one.

‘The Lucky Ones’

This is the title track and such a fitting album title. This song is triumphant and reflective and always makes us feel hopeful. Hearing the group talk about how far they’ve come and how they still love each other and yet are so appreciative just makes us emotional. These are five of the industry’s best people, and make no mistake, they will be around for a very long time.

We would love to hear from you! What is your favorite track on The Lucky Ones? Let us know by commenting down below or tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP! We are also on Facebook and Instagram!


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