‘Right Now’ by Sophie And The Giants Is All You Need In Lockdown

‘Right Now’ by Sophie And The Giants Is All You Need In Lockdown

Hey, Honey Poppers! We have another tune for you that you need to listen to by emerging and multi-platinum selling, electro-pop band, Sophie and the Giants! We’re not kidding when we say drop what you’re doing and put on those headphones. The track is called ‘Right Now’ and it’s everything you need at this very moment.

‘Right Now’ Single Artwork
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Written out of frustration with the current coronavirus world by lead vocalist Sophie Scott, ‘Right Now’ is a banger of a track. It’s dripping with an edgy pop melody backed by a glittery 80s reminiscent synth riff in the harmonies and in combination with Sophie’s rapturous voice. Sonically, with the melody that is also joyful and uplifting as it is raw, it is enough to boost our spirits alone!

Although Sophie and the Giants are a UK band from Sheffield, the devastation from the pandemic is felt internationally. ‘Right Now,’ is that ode to good times that reminiscences on the freedom before the lockdown that any listener can relate to, including us. Hearing the lyrics of ‘Right Now,’ the idea of losing freedom can easily be translated as Sophie says in the opening verse “Giving that up/Cos enough’s enough/But it’s over now, over now.”

But at the same time, ‘Right Now’ doubles as an anthem for inner strength, emoting the same powerful feeling of Rachel Platten in her ‘Fight Song.‘ After hearing one chorus of ‘Right Now,’ we’re already belting out the lyrics with Sophie. In our favorite lyrics of ‘Right Now,’ we find our own strength exuding from the pre-chorus. “No More Dancing in the shower now/ Turning up the music loud/Loving myself no doubt/ You got this…You got this,” Sophie sings to remind us to believe in ourselves.

We can’t wait for more Sophie and the Giants to come! For now, we’re putting ‘Right Now’ on heavy rotation!

What did you think of Sophie and the Giants? What was your favorite lyric from ‘Right Now?’ Let’s keep the conversation going by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP or commenting below! Want the inside buzz? Be sure to follow us on Instagram and Facebook for the sweetest pop-culture news!

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