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Sabrina Carpenter Stuns Us With Performance On James Corden

Sabrina Carpenter Stuns Us With Performance On James Corden

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If you missed the Late Late Show on February 9th, you would’ve missed the stunning performance by Sabrina Carpenter. She performed her latest release, ‘Skin,’ and it is one of our favorite performances of hers to date.


Following the release of ‘Skin’ in late January 2021, the song quickly went viral. Dubbed by the public as a response to Olivia Rodrigo’s song, ‘Driver’s License,’ Sabrina specifically let everyone know via Instagram that it was not a response to Olivia’s magnificent song and that she had written ‘Skin’ about multiple experiences she had had in her life. 

‘Skin’ not only went viral with 55 million streams, 10 million of those were in the first 48 hours, it was also the first single of hers to hit the Billboard Hot 100. ‘Skin’ also hit multiple top charts for Spotify and Apple Music. This is an amazing accomplishment for Sabrina, and it is well deserved.

Performance On The Late Late Show with James Corden

On Tuesday, February 9, 2021, Sabrina Carpenter performed on The Late Late Show with James Corden. In addition to this being the first time she performed ‘Skin’ on television, she also had a quick interview with James Corden. She spoke about her Broadway debut and also touched on the controversy of ‘Skin.’ Sabrina explained that she had noticed a recurring theme in her life that she was letting people get under her skin, and that is what the song is about. 

She opened her performance on a white, baby grand piano in an empty warehouse and by mid-song, she had moved to the middle of the warehouse where the rain poured down on her. We believe the rain in the television performance was a nod to the rain used in the music video, which we love! The fact that she chose to utilize rain in both avenues makes our hearts happy.

This was an incredibly emotional performance, and the rain really added another layer to the emotion that the audience could feel. Regardless of the rain and water pouring on her, Sabrina did not miss a single note. To round off the performance, the last chorus and verse were performed back at the baby grand piano. She truly delivered one of her best performances, and we almost prefer this version to her studio version.

Watch her performance on The Late Late Show below!

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