We Wish Patrick Droney Could Be Ours in the Morning

We Wish Patrick Droney Could Be Ours in the Morning

We have never experienced a romance like this, Patrick Droney has melted our hearts just in time for Valentine’s day with the studio release of ‘Yours in the Morning.’ Seriously, if bae doesn’t regularly serenade you with this song, you need a new bae.

Patrick sings of late-night strolls, midnight dances, and early morning breakfasts together – some real domestic bliss. It’s like he’s distilled romance and infused its purest essence into 3 minutes of bliss. His voice soothes like caramel and excites beyond belief. The musical vibe’s reminiscent of early 2000’s hits that build and build till you’re transported to some magical mind-space. You can feel the music reverberate through your soul. See for yourself:

See? Don’t you feel like you could fall in love all over again? The pining, the intimacy, the magic! Okay, we’ll stop now.

Patrick’s been performing this song at his live shows for quite a while, and it’s become a fan favorite. We can’t even imagine their joy at finally having the studio version of this masterpiece. No more, straining to decipher lyrics over badly recorded fan videos. We’ve got the full experience now.

True to his inspirations, Patrick creates songs that sound new and timeless all at once. His powerful guitar-driven music against his soulful vocals always make for a transformative experience. The best news yet? This is but a taste of what fans can expect from his upcoming music releases. Get hyped. It’s a new day with new beginnings on the horizon.

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How much do you adore this song? Will you be playing it for bae on V-day? Let us know by commenting down below, or tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP!

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Featured Image Source: Patrick Droney’s PR Team

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