We’re Carried Away By Surf Mesa And Madison Beer

We’re Carried Away By Surf Mesa And Madison Beer

Madison Beer and Surf Mesa released their single ‘Carried Away’ today on Feb. 12. As we’re sure you already know, both artists are extremely talented. With Madison Beer’s debut album Life Support coming out soon on Feb. 26 and Surf Mesa rising in popularity after his song ‘ily,’ the single is only a preview of what’s coming next for these two artists. Released only two days before Valentine’s Day, the song provides the perfect feel as it describes the sweet idea of love. The combination of vocals and production gives way to a beautiful song that is certain to leave you speechless. 

Along with amazing vocals and production, the chorus leaves the listener with a beautiful yet soothing and relaxing sound – starting from the beginning of the chorus with the lyrics, “I love to love. I love all the ways I feel so much.” These lyrics in particular within the chorus paired with Madison’s vocals are so simple, yet so pretty. It describes a type of simplicity and beauty in love, which is the perfect fit for this time of the year. Listening to this song is bound to make you feel all the elation and exhilaration associated with young love.

Surf Mesa described his and Madison’s release saying, “‘Carried Away’ is about the butterflies in your stomach feeling you get when you meet someone new and fall in love for the very first time… I hope this song spreads love during this time when we need it more than ever.”

Image Source: Single artwork courtesy of AstralWerks

Meanwhile, Madison described her feelings recording the song, “It was refreshing to explore the other side of love… the excited nerves you get from falling in love for the first time.

Both artists recalled having a great time working together as well and we can’t wait to see everything they accomplish next! Whether you have a Valentine or not this year, you’re going to want Madison and Surf Mesa’s new single, ‘Carried Away’ on your playlist!

What do you think about the new song? Are you excited for Madison Beer’s new album? Let us know your thoughts on Twitter @TheHoneyPOP!

Image Source: Danielle DeGrasse-Alston

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Featured Image Source: Danielle DeGrasse-Alston

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