‘What Took You So Long’ Reimagined: Neck Deep Does Valentine’s

‘What Took You So Long’ Reimagined: Neck Deep Does Valentine’s

Neck Deep shares reimagined track ‘What Took You So Long’ just in time for Valentine’s Day.

A love song, complex and boisterous original appears on the band’s fourth album. All Distortions Are Intentional dropped in July 2020 and rocked our world. Selling over 20,000 copies and gaining over 20 million streams worldwide, we certainly weren’t the only ones blasting this one all summer.

Continuing to keep pop-punk relevant, the band reached back to the raw and relevant Summer 2020 soundtrack and released an acoustic version of the song. Coincidentally, in time for Valentine’s?

Straight up, this little love song is an epiphany. Light, instrumentally proficient, paired with unmatched vocals, this track embodies everything a piece of acoustic music should be. The band wanted to provide fans with a softer version alongside the original. Striving to make the song sound as absolutely beautiful as possible, we think they absolutely smashed it. Layer upon layer of composition, the likeness to track ‘Little Dove’ is due to the dash of the mandolin.

Neck Deep – ‘What Took You So Long? (Acoustic)’

It’s a straight up love song, and love is a complex spectrum, so we felt having a softer version alongside the original would nicely depict the different forms that love can take. Energetic and exciting, to delicate and meaningful all in the same moment. We hoped that it could provide a little sound track to those beautiful moments with this rendition. Enjoy!

Neck Deep

Enjoy, we will. Longing for love, or lost in it ‘What Took You So Long (Acoustic)’ is agreeably magnificent. Don’t you think? Let us know by commenting down below or vibing with us via Twitter @TheHoneyPop. Not enough THP? Find us on Facebook and Instagram!

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