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Here’s Four Rad Artists From Columbia Records That Need To Be On Your Radar

Here’s Four Rad Artists From Columbia Records That Need To Be On Your Radar

THP fam! We hope you know by now one of our passions at The Honey POP is bringing the new music we discover right to you! So, we have four hot new artists to put in your playlist after our invite to Columbia Records virtual showcase, vol.1! Get ready to fall in love with Cannons, Elaine, Jack Kays, and Q!


Childhood friends Ryan Clapham (guitar) and Paul Davis (bass) discovered Michelle Joy (lead vocals) and formed their three-piece electro-funk band, Cannons, in 2013. Inspired by the music of the 70s and 80s, they have two EPs Night Drive (2017) and Shadows (2019). In May 2020, their single ‘Fire For You’ topped the charts on Billboard’s Top TV Songs heard in the Netflix drama’s soundtrack, Never Have I Ever.

First, upon Columbia Records’ virtual show, Cannons brought their retro sounds straight from the moon, with their futuristic set mixed with pink and yellow hues. We’re bopping our heads long from the very start as they performed the hit song ‘Fire For You,’ with Michelle looking fierce in her dazzling, all-glitter attire. As Ryan and Paul lay down the groovy beat, Michelle commands attention with her sultry and dreamy voice with a disco-meets-new-age vibe. Listen to ‘Fire For You’ below!


Influenced by Whitney Houston and Beyoncé, 21-year-old Elaine is already making big waves in the R&B genre. She became the first female to land in the number one spot in the Sub-Saharan Charts on Apple Music for her single ‘Risky,’ and she’s only getting started! Originally from South Africa, Elaine was inspired to take up music from her father, a choir conductor for high school. After deciding to pursue a law degree from the prestigious University of Johannesburg, she revived her passion for music and self-released her debut EP, Elements!

Elaine took us to the islands with a glimmering ocean in her set in Columbia Records’ showcase, wearing her daringly gorgeous all-white outfit. Her smooth as honey voice captured us as she sang her sensational track, ‘Risky.’ Though the lyrics reflected on heartbreak with weepy strings and piano, Elaine soothed us with that voice alone with those flawless falsettos! Following ‘Risky’ Elaine gave it to us with another instant fave, ‘You’re The One.’ Dripping in an R&B beat, complete with snaps and harmonious vocals, she swept us away with her soulful track. Reminiscent of the early 2000s, like Mary J. Blige’s music, with the touch of horns in the instrumentals, ‘You’re The One’ Elaine described feelings of love and hope. Listen to ‘Risky’ below!

Jack Kays

Classically trained on the piano and self-taught on the saxophone, guitar, and bass, Jack Kays wrote his emotionally powerful track ‘Morbid Mind,’ after at a young age leaving his parents’ house in Cincinnati. ‘Morbid Mind’ reflecting on Jack’s drug abuse and declining mental health exploded on Tik Tok and Spotify, giving him the boost he needed. Crafting his debut album Mixed Emotions released early this year, Jack gave us the genre-bending track ‘Gin N Juice,’ blending the sounds of Hip Hop and Folk!

Up next on the Columbia Records experience, we all gather around the campfire in the woods with Jack Kays on his acoustic guitar, playing his heart out. At first, he delivered an emotionally raw performance of ‘Morbid Mind,’ emoting all the feels to us as he revealed the pain of his past through his darkest memories in the deep lyrics backed by his strong vocals with a hint of Punk undertones. He rounded out his set with another candid track, ‘Barely Alive,’ again getting his right in the heart with those honest lyrics, sharing his hurt with us all, reminiscent of the Indie band The Head and The Heart. Listen to ‘Morbid Mind’ below!


With his mother a keyboardist for Jamaican musicians Beenie Man, Bounty Killer, and Dennis Brown, Q makes his own name in the family music business, especially on the production side. From Pembroke Pines, Florida, Q, 21, was inspired to start his music production after listening to Drake’s 2013 hit album, Nothing Was The Same. He started tackling melody construction after using Classical composer Mozart’s music as a guide and came out with his first album Thoughts (2018), mixing R&B with Folk ballads. In 2019, he started experimenting with percussion mixing his next studio album, Forest Greens, featuring the track ‘Lavender,’ his first track set to a lower register.

Ending out the showcase, we watched Q from the sand as a surf shop double as his stage, standing with his band in front of candles patterned to form in a heart. We grooved along to his electric track, ‘My Dear Electra,’ sparking energy with a glitzy bass and his glimmering voice, giving off Prince vibes with all that falsetto, Woo! If we weren’t swooning enough, Q showed off his immersible talents with the excellent track ‘Take Me Where Your Heart Is’ backed by thumping drums and bright melodies in the instrumentals. If you don’t have Q on your mind, you rightly should because everything about him is pure magic! Listen to ‘Take Me Where Your Heart Is’ below! 

Wow, if that was the round-up for vol.1, we can’t wait to see who else will be discovered for a potential vol.2!

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Featured Image Source: Q, Courtesy of Sophie Fabien

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