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Savannah Cristina Has Us Dancing To ‘Body Work’

Savannah Cristina Has Us Dancing To ‘Body Work’

R&B singer-songwriter Savannah Cristina just made our hearts stop with the release of her sultry new single, ‘Body Work.’ The 23-year-old Florida native, while no stranger to creating music that perfectly encapsulates her artistic vision, continues to trail-blaze into new territory. Since her immaculate debut in 2017 with Mango Season and her constant body-positive advocacy, ‘Body Work’ is just one more reason to love Savannah! With her alluring vocals and candid lyrics, trust us when we say, get ready to be blown away!

‘Body Work’

The track itself, written by Savannah and produced by HERO, shines a spotlight on Savannah’s smooth vocals. While slow beat in nature, the song brings on a 90s throwback vibe, as the lyrics make a persuasive case of expressing your desires and adventurously pursuing them. Although the gym references in the song make it a perfect workout jam, one can hear the double-meaning of the words, which shows off Savannah’s songwriting skills. Savannah unapologetically sings, “So I’ma make this body work/Want my heart, but you gotta get this body first, body first babe.”

In a recent press release, Savannah got candid and spoke about the inspiration behind the song. “At a time where bodies are so heavily policed and controlled, ‘Body Work’ is a symbolic ode to taking ownership of your autonomy. Your body is a work in progress… and it should always work to suit your lifestyle and happiness,” she stated. Here at The Honey POP, there’s not much we love more than a body-positive queen who uplifts her fans!

Accompanying the release of ‘Body Work,’ Savannah blessed us with the music video as well! The video shows off Savannah’s killer body as she shares a fiery moment with her personal trainer while working out. BRB, we are headed to the gym!

‘Self Care’

Following the release of her EP Self Care, Savannah found herself in the spotlight. After garnering over 6 million views on YouTube for ‘Self Care,’ she continued on to receive recognition by Alicia Keys and more. If you enjoyed ‘Body Work,’ we definitely recommend listening to Self Care, where you find similar themes and sounds that make her music one of a kind. While soulful in sound, Savannah places herself and her well-being first. The music is healing and therapeutic, something we all could use a bit more of!

What do you think of ‘Body Work?’ Are you excited for more music from Savannah Cristina? Let us know in the comments below, tweet us @TheHoneyPOP, or chat with us on Facebook and Instagram!

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Featured Image Source: Courtesy of the ‘Body Work’ Official Music Video directed by Jacob Hale

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