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Will You Be Mine? x 17

Will You Be Mine? x 17

We here at The Honey POP will be lonely for Valentine’s Dayagain. Sighs. Due to the pandemic, we’re guessing a lot of you will be home alone as well. So, we decided to make a list of 17 people we’d love to spend the holiday with this year. Won’t you join us?

Calum Hood

Image Source: Andy DeLuca

Throw balloons, teddy bears, and the chocolate eclairs away because we want to spend this Valentine’s Day with Calum Hood, bassist for 5 Seconds of Summer. When we think of our dream dates, Calum is the first man to come to mind, and he’s just so dreamy. Let’s be honest– it doesn’t matter what the plans are. If he is there, then so are we! But if we had to pick our dream date with Calum would probably just be staying in to have a movie night and cuddling with both him and Duke.


Image Source: Lisa on Instagram

The world has lots of love for the girl group BLACKPINK right now, and we’re no exception. We’re willing to bet you wanna spend the holiday with Lisa just as much as we do. Now, imagine a date night with Lisa to go out dancing. To us, it sounds perfect! You’d have so much fun. We wanna go as soon as possible.

Perrie Edwards

Image Source: Perrie Edwards via Instagram

Perrie Edwards, this is our secret love song (er… note?) to you. We’d love to spend the day with the Little Mix member. So if quarantine wasn’t a thing, we could totally see Perrie taking her date to some concert or music festival for Valentine’s day. You’d spend all day enjoying all sorts of sweet melodies. Count us in!


Image Source: BTS via Twitter

We love J-hope both for his solo music and his work with BTS. He’s one of our favorite artists, and we’d love to spend Valentine’s day with him. Just imagine going on a date to a karaoke bar with him, singing all night, and just enjoying each other’s company.

Niall Horan

Image Source: Niall Horan via Instagram

Our love for Niall Horan is unmatched. He’s one of our favorite musicians. Niall has been in our hearts ever since 2010, and this list couldn’t possibly be complete without him. We’ve been dreaming about Valentine’s Day with Niall Horan, and we think it’d be pretty chill. He’d probably cook you dinner, and the rest of the night would be spent on the couch barefoot with a bottle of wine. No judgement here.

Nia Lovelis

Image Source: Nia Lovelis via Instagram

Listen, we adore all three members of Hey Violet. While each of them holds a special place in our hearts when we think of someone to spend Valentine’s Day with, we think of Nia Lovelis. Those of you who follow Nia on Twitter and Instagram probably know that she is very vocal about being single and wants to be loved. Well, look no farther because there’s plenty of love for you here! Now, how would we spend the day with Nia? Probably a camping trip with some her favorite wine and staying up watching the stars and making each other laugh.


Image Source: Dreamcatcher via Instagram

Do you love Gahyeon as much as we do? Now, just imagine spending Valentine’s day with the Dreamcatcher sweetheart. We think she’d enjoy a simple but thoughtful picnic date somewhere peaceful. Perhaps somewhere like the beach or a park. Where do we sign up?


Image Source: Seventeen via Instagram

Next on our list is Mingyu, the Seventeen heartthrob who makes so many of us swoon. Who wouldn’t want to spend Valentine’s Day with him? We want to think for your date he’d take you to an amusement park. He’d play carnival games all night until he finally wins that giant teddy bear you’d been eyeing all night. To end the night, you’d both take some adorable photos in the photo booth.


Image Source: Halsey via Instagram

Who wouldn’t want to spend Valentine’s day with Halsey? She’s one of the most amazing women in music right now, not to mention her beautiful poetry and new makeup line. On top of all that, Halsey is just one of the sweetest people ever. We all know Halsey is very artistic, and her date would reflect that. We think Halsey would take you somewhere beautiful where you’d spend all evening painting and watching the sunset.

Lewis Capaldi

Image Source: Lewis Capaldi via Instagram

Oh Lewis Capaldi, how we wish we were someone you loved. Could you imagine Lewis writing a song for you? We’re swooning just at the thought. What else would your Valentine’s date contain? Well, Lewis is a pretty chill guy, so he’d probably take you out to dinner or order food while enjoying your company.


Image Source: NCT via Instagram

Okay, so Jaehyun is probably one of our favorite NCT members (who are we kidding, we can’t pick a favorite), and we just had to squeeze him into this list. We’re sure many of you would want to spend the holiday with him as well. So what would Valentine’s date with Jaehyun be like? We think he’d go over the top, taking his date out to some fancy dinner.

Charlie Gillespie

Image Source: Charles Gillespie via Instagram

Okay, so we’ve become slightly obsessed with Charlie ever since watching him take on Luke’s role in the Netflix series Julie and the Phantoms, but who could blame us? He’s currently one of our favorite actors, and he can even sing and play guitar. Many of you may know he loves skiing, which got us thinking… imagine going to a ski resort with Charlie for Valentine’s Day and spending the day with him out skiing, then coming back inside at the end of the day and cozying up by the fire with a few cups of hot cocoa? It sounds like a perfect date: count us in.


Image Source Monsta X via Instagram

We’d happily spend Valentine’s day with any member of Monsta X, but we knew we had to narrow down our list, so we chose Hyungwon. Listen, we know this sounds super stereotypical, but we think if you spent Valentine’s Day with Hyungwon, he’d take you shopping and spoil you with gifts. Maybe he’d even get you tons of Urban Decay products due to the new collab.

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Image Source: Twice via Instagram

Can someone tell us the reason why Jihyo hasn’t gone on a date with us yet? The Twice lead singer is someone we’d love to spend the holiday with. A date with her couldn’t be anything but luxurious. A day at the spa or a trip to somewhere like Paris is the Valentine’s date idea we think Jihyo would love.

Harry Styles

Image Source: Harry Styles via Twitter

Harry Styles, just let us adore you! We’re sure most of you can agree this list couldn’t entirely be complete without Harry. Obviously, for Valentine’s Day, Harry would take us on a date to Eroda: where else? There’s just so much to do in Eroda, but we know Harry would take you on a nice bike ride. After that, you’d probably just spend all your time exploring the island.


Image Source: Loona via Instagram

We here at THP love Vivi. Her solo work is fantastic, along with the work she’s done with Loona. We would love to go to a bakery with Vivi on Valentine’s Day. Where can you go wrong there, enjoying all sorts of sweet treats?

Luke Hemmings

Image Source: Sierra Deaton

Finally we’ve got no shame in our love of Luke Hemmings. The 5SOS lead singer has held a special place in our hearts for quite some time. You all knew he’d have to be on this list. We feel like Luke would want to try something new for Valentine’s Day. Maybe he’d take you to do something different and exciting, like going on a hot air balloon ride.

Who would you want to spend Valentine’s Day with? What would be your dream date? Let us know in the comments or on our Instagram or Twitter @thehoneypop!

Featured Image Source: Megan Butz

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