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5 Reasons To Love BTS’ j-hope (If You Don’t Already)

5 Reasons To Love BTS’ j-hope (If You Don’t Already)

BTS’ j-hope is one of the most all-rounded artists out there, and he’s also such a loving and caring person. In case you don’t know how great he is, you’ve come to the right place. And if you love him already, it’s always nice to be reminded why.

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He’s an incredible dancer

If there’s one thing j-hope is known for, it’s his dancing. And when it comes to performing, he doesn’t joke around. With a background in hip-hop dancing, his technique is quite impeccable and he owns the stage every single time. One of the most memorable times was his solo stage during the MMA 2019 where he performed a very different version of ‘Fake Love.’ But of course, ‘Boy Meets Evil’ is the performance that proves not only how amazing of a dancer he is but also his talent as a choreographer, as he did choreograph the song himself. It’s not only the technique or his immense talent, but it’s also the energy he brings every single time. There’s truly no one that does it like him.

His rapping skills

Unlike the rest of the BTS’ rap-line, j-hope wasn’t exactly an experienced rapper before getting into the company, but don’t let that fact fool you, because he’s an incredible rapper. Songs like ‘2nd Grade’ show his high understanding of rhythm as he changes flows multiple times in only one verse. And while he can write heartbreaking verses like ‘Tear’ or ‘Jamais Vu,’ he can also come up with fun and energetic verses like ‘Dope,’ And that’s without even talking about his energy and the dynamic he brings in each ‘Cypher’ and all the rap-line sub-unit songs.

His music

While all the members of BTS are involved in the creation of the music, j-hope is one of the members that has more input and while BTS‘ music is super diverse, there’s really something about j-hope’s music especially. It’s not only about the writing in his verses for BTS songs, but also in the creation of the songs. You can tell just by listening to his 2018 mixtape: Hope World. While the mixtape is full of very energetic songs, which is mainly what he’s known for, it closes on ‘Blue Side (Outro),’ a much darker and sadder song, and unexpected from him. Even by listening to his solo songs in BTS albums: ‘Boy Meets Evil,’ ‘MAMA,’ ‘Trivia: Just Dance,’ and ‘Ego,’ all of these songs are very different from each other and touch on very different topics. Also, throughout the BTS discography, he was the main creator of songs like ‘Dionysus’ and ‘Airplane pt. 2.’ Overall, he’s a very diverse artist whether it comes to his dancing, his rap, and his writing.

He has a big heart

But for as talented as j-hope is, there’s also more to him. He’s always very supportive of the members; for example, he sent a truck to the shooting location of SUGA’s solo song ‘Daechwita,’ and there are so many more examples of his love and support towards the members of BTS. One of the most touching moments is, however, when he made a physical CD for Jimin’s solo song that’s only available on SoundCloud and YouTube, ‘Promise,’ and filled the booklet with pictures of them together throughout the years and even included a letter.

Not only that, but he also has donated to several charities all throughout the years. Not so long ago, he donated to the Green Umbrella Child Fund Korea to help children who are suffering from economic difficulties due to COVID-19. In other words, he always makes sure to use his platform and his assets to help as much as he can, because believe us when we tell you there are many more examples of this.

Source: Map Of The Soul: 7 concept photo #3, Big Hit Entertainment

He will always brighten your day

There’s no one like j-hope out there, whether it’s about his talent or his passion, but also because no one will brighten up your day like him. He feels literally like the sunshine. He has such an infectious laugh and energy. It is next to impossible to watch any content that includes him without cracking a smile. Even though of course there’s way more to him than his bright and energetic side, there’s really something about the way he puts himself out there and brightens everyone’s day. His stage name says it all at this point.

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What’s your favorite thing about j-hope? What’s your favorite song by him? Be sure to let us know by tweeting us at @TheHoneyPOP or visiting us on Facebook and Instagram.

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Featured image source: ‘Dynamite’ concept photo, Big Hit Entertainment

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