Here’s What You Need To Know About The BigHit Entertainment X Universal Music Group Partnership

Here’s What You Need To Know About The BigHit Entertainment X Universal Music Group Partnership

On Thursday, February 18th KST, BigHit Entertainment and Universal Music Group announced their strategic partnership focused around exciting new projects. Here’s what we can expect from the two massive companies collaborating together.

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The announcement covered three points; the establishment of the new joint venture on a brand new global artist project, a collaboration on platforms to enhance fan connections with artists, and an enhanced fan and artist experience.

It was announced that BigHit and UMG’s label Geffen Records are working together on a global audition program for a new boy group for the global stage, and will air in partnership with a US media organization in 2022. Due to their excellent understanding of what K-Pop can be, BigHit Entertainment will be in charge of training and recruitment, where the artists will follow the K-Pop system of music, production, fashion, concepts, and fan interaction. We just know they’re going to be worth stanning!

The joint venture label headquartered in Los Angeles will oversee the group together with UMG and BigHit Entertainment through their existing American division, Big Hit America. 

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Meanwhile, there will be new experiences through the fan community platform Weverse as it expands, as well as the new live-streaming platform VENEWLive. Many fans will be aware of Weverse and the avid use of the app from BigHit’s artists BTS and TXT, as well as ENHYPEN and new artists who have joined from BigHit labels including, SEVENTEEN, and NU’EST. Recently Western artists Gracie Abrams, New Hope Club, and Alexander 23 joined the platform, with Yungblud set to join very soon.

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The app will now not only be open to artists under BigHit Entertainment and Universal Music Group but any artist interested in opening up a community. The platform is the most commonplace for the likes of BTS to share content and personal posts with fans, with a real sense of connection and closeness, making for a special artist-to-fan experience. We’re stoked to see who else plans on joining and if BigHit and UMG would like a list of people to contact, we’re more than willing to help!

VENEWLive is going to be a new live-streaming platform in which artists will be able to live-stream performances and events, something which quickly proved popular over the past year following the pandemic causing live music as we know it to be brought to a halt. The plan is to make content delivery and communication between artists and fans easier and stronger.

The whole partnership is super interesting and exciting to see, where the plan is to show how K-Pop can break cultural and language barriers while uniting people. We’re hyped to see what comes from this!

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Are you excited to see more from BigHit and Universal Music Group? What are you hoping will come from it? Let us know down in the comments below or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP!



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