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Conan Gray Sends Us Into ‘Overdrive’

Conan Gray Sends Us Into ‘Overdrive’

Conan Gray has taken the world by storm and rightfully so. Conan is unlike any other artist making music right now and ‘Overdrive’ proves exactly that. He’s gathered praise from everyone, including his favorite artist Taylor Swift and that’s when you know you’re the real deal.

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In Conan’s newest track ‘Overdrive’ he explores just letting go and having a good time! It’s the dance track we never knew we needed from him and trust us when we say it will be blasted once the clubs are open. You guys know how we feel about a good night out song. This song is everything you could want out of a genuinely good pop song, it’s not bubblegum but every element of the perfect pop song is present.

“Let’s just trust the night” is the whole song in one line. It revolves around just not caring about anything but the present moment. We can imagine screaming these lyrics while just completely vibing.

Could this video have been more perfect? And the correct answer is simply no.

We are trying to have nights exactly like this with our significant others. Every scene Conan shares with his co-star is just stunning. From running through a mansion and jumping into the pool, to the bathtub scenes it’s just *chef’s kiss*. Then you get those neon pink-lit scenes and it’s such genius design. But we have to say our highlight was the car scenes. We have written so many times about songs being perfect to scream in the city at night with the windows down, and here it is executed. We couldn’t love it more.

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At this point, it’s a right of passage for the biggest artists to talk with Zane Lowe after releasing new music, and that’s just what Conan did. They, of course, talked about all things ‘Overdrive’ including how Conan wrote the track with Tobias Jesso Jr. Conan said “When we wrote it, we were just having a good time, and that’s why I wanted to release this song.” He goes on to explain that after the year we’ve all had it just felt like this was needed.

Conan goes on to talk about his relationship with social media saying “I check out the fan pages every day, I like, see what they’re up to, and then I just like, turn it off.” Hearing that the thing he values most about social media is getting to interact with the fans just makes us feel all warm and soft. From what we heard in the interview ‘Overdrive’ is just the beginning of what we’ll hear from Conan this year and we can’t wait! To listen to the full interview click here!

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