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Dua Lipa Is Taking Over Our Playlists And We’re Not Even Mad About It

Dua Lipa Is Taking Over Our Playlists And We’re Not Even Mad About It

Alexa, play Dua Lipa Future Nostalgia- The Moonlight Edition. That’s right, queen Dua has dropped the deluxe edition of her iconic, feel-good album, Future Nostalgia, and a new, highly- danceable single, ‘We’re Good.’

The song is already on our heavy rotation playlist because how could it not be? It’s got everything we could’ve asked for in a banger of a song; killer riffs and hooks, a danceable, groovy beat, heaven-dipped vocals, and it tells a relatable story about two lovers needing to go their separate ways. Seriously, what more could you want? An equally as fascinating and metaphorical music video? Well, it’s got that, too- featuring the Titanic, a hella gorgeous Dua Lipa performance (seriously, those outfits? STUNNING!), and a sad, little lobster whose life is saved by the sinking of the ship. We feel the video is a metaphor for the relationship being a sinking ship and unable to stay afloat, and we LOVE what she did with it! Check it out below!

Okay, we are obsessed with this whole concept and we could go on forever but, alas, we must move on! To give fans a little behind-the-scenes knowledge on the track, Dua sat down with Zane Lowe over at Apple Music to discuss the new single, the meaning behind it, and Future Nostalgia. Check out the highlights below or click here to watch the full interview!

Dua Lipa Tells Apple Music Why Her New Song ‘We’re Good’ Didn’t Make The Final Cut on Future Nostalgia

I had to have something for the deluxe record. I needed a little bit of something. This one kind of came, I guess, towards the end of the process. And I wrote so many songs for Future Nostalgia and there just came a point where I was like, the songs that I wanted on the record really had to fit the theme of there being the future element and the nostalgic element. And “We’re Good” kind of sets in the same kind of pop sensibility of the other songs that I was doing, but I didn’t feel like was ready to be heard yet. And I was still working on it. It wasn’t finished. And now it’s time. That’s it.

It’s always about me loving a song, feeling like it’s authentic to me and the music that I make, but at the same time you never really know what’s going to happen until that song’s out, whether anyone’s even going to like it. It’s definitely a bit of a wild card for me, coming from the songs of Future Nostalgia is vastly different, but still in the same world.

Dua Tells Apple Music Why She Was Scared To Release ‘We’re Good’ and Explains The Song’s “Amicable Breakup” Subject Matter

I think sonically, it felt the riskiest because I don’t even know what it is. It’s like pop with a little bit of a trap beat. It’s got an interesting Bossa Nova style. I don’t even know how you explain it or how you would start to describe what a song like that is. It just is. And that for me was probably the most scariest, but I think the content of the song is really interesting. It’s having that amicable breakup that I think everybody kind of wants. It’s like that clean break isn’t lacking, move on. We’re good. You can’t be upset if I move on. I can’t be upset if you move on. You know what I mean? And I think a lot of the time it’s that part of a breakup that
– It gets lost in translation. Yeah. When things are ego-driven, that’s immediately when it’s over, but yeah, just the amicable breakup.

Dua Lipa Reflects on Future Nostalgia a Year Later

Well, I guess in the process while I was creating these songs, there was in some sense with some lyrics, there was this false sense of confidence. There were songs that I wrote because I wanted to feel a certain type of way, or there were songs that I put certain lyrics or certain feelings in that I was like, “I want to be able to listen to this song and feel that way, that necessarily I wasn’t always feeling.” Or when I was creating this record, I wanted it to set it as a form of escapism. And I don’t know, it felt like during this time it did serve as a form of escapism for me. And I was so happy with the response that the record got and that, people were like, “This got me through lockdown and I did so many workouts at home.”

Image Source: Future Nostalgia-The Moonlight Edition Official Album Artwork, Courtesy of Warner Music
Dua Lipa Tells Apple Music About Gaining Confidence From Future Nostalgia

…And it was that thing of getting away from any timelines, deadlines, people telling me what they think I should do or what my next step should be and just going and making something that I really love. Something that makes me feel strong and confident and empowered. And maybe at times when I was writing these things, especially when I write my Future Nostalgia and I was talking about the female alpha, I didn’t necessarily feel myself to be that. But I think sometimes you have to put things into writing to almost manifest that energy. This album really pushed me to, I don’t know, to learn to become the best performer I could be. I really spent a lot of time just rehearsing and practicing and making sure that… I knew from the experience that I had on my first record, how much I needed to work, to be able to be the best version of myself. And I don’t know, it was a lot about patience, a lot about how hard work and persistence, but confidence really was something that I was really grateful for from this album during the course of the time that it’s been out.

Dua Lipa Tells Apple Music About Embracing Authenticity On and Off Stage

…I feel like when I get up on stage or when I perform, there’s not really another persona that I put on everything is very much me, I think in terms of trying to just stay true to myself. I think sometimes it’s getting away from social media and doing stuff like that, but also surrounding myself with people that I love and people that are honest with me, I’m not into the yes man thing. I like opinions and criticism and understanding and learning. And I always want to learn. And for me, I also feel like, musically, I always want to be out of my comfort zone. I want to be putting music out that scares me, just like with “We’re Good.” It’s definitely something that I was nervous to put out, but so excited because it’s quite different. And then my home life, my friends and everyone is just the ones I’ve had for ages. So my home life hasn’t changed very much. And I think that makes a lot of difference.

Dua Lipa Tells Apple Music About Approaching Music Without Too Much Ego and The Importance of Collaboration

I think if you carry a certain type of ego, it’s very hard to create music that’s very honest because you’re so much about me, me, me, whereas it’s meant to be for at least the way I see it for everyone, obviously, that my story is, but I want for them to be something that everyone can relate to. And I think when there’s too much ego attached to songs or music, or even being open to working with lots of different songwriters and understanding that this is a collaborative effort, which is what all my songs are a massive collaborative effort with all the artists and songwriters and producers that I work with. And I think it’s also acknowledging that because I think a lot of artists also sometimes get caught up in the fact that it’s me, me, me, and then it takes away from the beauty of everything coming together and the reason why it is the way it is.

Dua Lipa Tells Apple Music About Getting Ready To Write Her Next Album and “Start Something Fresh”

It’s interesting when things come full circle, I also feel like a little bit of the music from the previous record will always trickle into the next one, but in its own way. So I feel like from my first album, I had a song called “Genesis” on the record, which had an eighties’ kind of nostalgic vibe, but then “One Kiss” and “Electricity” also took me into having the confidence to create Future Nostalgia, being like, “Okay, this is something that I love and something that I feel comfortable with and confident with, and I want to make my own, like really dive into it.” And so for the next record, I definitely think there’s going to be something because now I’ve just started the writing process so we’ll see what comes of it. But there’s always a little something that trickles into the next one.

I think for a short period of time, especially while things weren’t happening during the lockdown. I was very much like, “Okay, what am I going to do? Should I go back in the studio?” But then I didn’t feel like I was ready to go back in the studio because I had just put out this record and I was still very much in that world and I am still in that world, but I’m slowly starting to move away from Future Nostalgia. And I feel ready to write again and start something fresh. I’ve already got ideas and maybe whatever. I’m not going to get to into it but I’ve got some ideas. I’m not going to say anything at all, I’m not. I’m just going to say that I’m excited to start writing because I have some ideas and that is all I can say for right now.

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I love Peloton. It’s always exciting. Sometimes I put it on, I’m like, “Oh my God, it’s my song.” I really like Cody. He’s so sweet. I’m literally spinning and going, “Oh my God, this is crazy.” And I almost want to go faster. So I literally can’t give up now not in the middle of my own song.

Image Source: ‘We’re Good’ Officially Single Artwork, Courtesy of Warner Music

That was very insightful, and we love getting to learn the ins and outs of our faves’ songs and all the hard work they put in every day. Future Nostalgia – The Moonlight Edition features three new songs including ‘We’re Good’ and is available on all streaming platforms here! And you can find where to stream the new single here!

What do you think of Dua Lipa’s new single ‘We’re Good?’ Which new track from the deluxe album is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP! You can also hit us up on Facebook and Instagram!

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Featured Image Source: Zane Lowe/Apple Music

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