LILHUDDY Is Back With Another Track, Delivering ‘The Eulogy of You and Me’

LILHUDDY Is Back With Another Track, Delivering ‘The Eulogy of You and Me’

Your favorite 21st-century vampire is back with more music! That’s right, Chase Hudson, aka LILHUDDY, has another single for us called ‘The Eulogy of You and Me.’ Talk about some macabre song titles. We love the vibe though, it fits the pop-punk/alternative style of his music. He co-wrote this track with Travis Barker, Nick Long, Jake Torrey, and Andrew Goldstein. It follows the same distinct, alternative/pop-punk sound as his previous track and if this is the musical direction he’s choosing to go with, we wholeheartedly approve.

‘The Eulogy of You and Me’ 

Both of LILHUDDY’s music videos so far have proven to be strong in the visuals department. The storytelling and production of both ’21st Century Vampire’ and ‘The Eulogy of You and Me’ is incredibly engaging and makes the songs all the more appealing. Speaking of macabre, how creepy are the visuals in ‘The Eulogy of You and Me’? Like, a graveyard wedding with hooded figures dressed in all black? What a visual.

It does fit with the song though, graveyards and eulogies tend to go hand in hand. If the song is commemorating the death of a relationship that you thought would last forever, what better way to visualize it than with a video like this? The ending shot of LILHUDDY’s gravestone after the couple falls through the ground after their graveyard wedding kiss and ends up separated is extremely poignant. It’s a creative video and we have to give kudos to director Joseph Kahn, who directed the ’21st Century Vampire’ music video as well. 

What’s your favorite part of the music video? What do you think of ‘The Eulogy of You and Me’? Let us know in the comments below or show us some love on Twitter @TheHoneyPop!


Featured Image Source: Damon Baker

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