We Are Captivated By The Video For ‘What Other People Say!’

We Are Captivated By The Video For ‘What Other People Say!’

A couple of weeks ago, you might remember us talking about the release of ‘What Other People Say’ by Sam Fischer and Demi Lovato. Well, we are back because they just released their music video

The Struggle With Growing Up

The music video starts with Demi singing her verse by herself in a train carriage. Throughout the verse, we get a look at the rest of the carriage and see Sam and a few other characters that are all looking morose. 

Our absolute favorite lyrics in the entire song are from Demi’s verse. They showcase her struggle, but also a struggle that all of us can understand. As a child, we never expect to take on the characteristics of our parents or have to deal with hard issues. But we are all working through them and need to stick together.

“Thought when I grew up

I would be the same as the ones who gave me my last name

I would not give in, I would not partake

In the same old drugs, everyone else takes”

Don’t Let ‘What Other People Say’ Change You

Throughout the video, we see Sam sing his verse, while he and Demi are still going about their own lives. Although they are singing alone, Dano Cerny, the director, did an amazing job of highlighting the song’s message of being alone together. We might feel alone sometimes, but we always need to remember that everyone has their struggles and to be there for one another. Even if it’s just a kind gesture or a head nod in public, we are all living in this world together.

The chorus of the song is one that resonates with us deeply. When growing up, we all struggle with worrying about what other people say and sometimes letting that change us in ways that we never expected or even wanted. 

“I used to call my mom every Sunday

So she knew her love wasn’t far away

But now I’m all fucked up out in LA

‘Cause I care more about what other people say”

In conclusion, we are obsessed with Sam Fischer and Demi Lovato and their new song and video for ‘What Other People Say.’ We never knew we needed this pairing, but we are stoked that it happened and cannot wait to see what they each come out with in the future.

Watch the music video below!

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Featured Image Credit: Angelo Kritikos

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