We Wanna Be Invited To JVCKJ’s ‘Casamigos’ Music Video Party!

We Wanna Be Invited To JVCKJ’s ‘Casamigos’ Music Video Party!

We can’t go out and party right now, so we’ll get our party fix from our fave artists instead! JVCKJ just dropped the ‘Casamigos’ music video, and we’re not gonna lie, we’re kinda jealous of the vibes. ‘Casamigos’ is one of the songs off of JVCKJ’s new EP Pastel: The Early Days and the video is, in a word, perfect.

‘Casamigos’ Music Video

The video is a classic party scene. JVCKJ wakes up the morning after, trying to remember what happened the night before. There are people passed out all around: pink pastel balloons and party leftovers are strewn about as we get flashes of the main event. The scene switches and we get to experience the neon lights and crowded rooms of the party. Of course, the ‘Casamigos’ music video is going to feature people drinking Casamigos throughout. JVCKJ even gets a tattoo. Just regular old party things, right? Like we said, we’re insanely jealous and would love to be partying it up like that right now. The ‘Casamigos’ music video captures the vibe of the song perfectly, and the color scheme ties back to Pastel: The Early Days. It’s a lot of fun and the video looks fantastic! Also, if you have a keen eye, you might have spotted Edwin and Zion from PRETTYMUCH in the video as well 👀

As if the ‘Casamigos’ music video isn’t already enough of a treat for fans, JVCKJ has also launched his own cryptocurrency. $PSTL coin is available on rally.io and allows fans to buy, donate, and hold creator coins. If you’re a coin holder, you can get access to all sorts of exclusive benefits like early access to new music, music videos, and merch from JVCKJ!

What do you think of the ‘Casamigos’ music video? Are you going to invest in $PTSL coin? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below or hit us up on Twitter @TheHoneyPop!


Featured Image Source: Eric C. Alexander

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