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We’re So Emotional Over Kinlaw’s Debut LP, The Tipping Scale We Just Have To Dance It Out

We’re So Emotional Over Kinlaw’s Debut LP, The Tipping Scale We Just Have To Dance It Out

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So far 2021 has been a goldmine with all the new artists we have discovered so far and we bring you another one called Kinlaw and their debut LP The Tipping Scale.

Other than a musician, Kinlaw is also a composer, choreographer, visual artist, and educator from New York. Mainly as a soloist, they worked for over 200 performers, dancers, and other artists, including Devonte Hynes, Caroline Polacheck, Sophie, and Dan Deacon.

Kinlaw brings to us The Tipping Scale, an Avant goth-pop album full of moments worthy of dance! So, put on those dancing shoes and get ready to be washed in rhythms that will drown your sorrows away in all Kinlaw’s beautiful poetic lyricism. Here’s our track-by-track analysis of Kinlaw’s The Tipping Scale!

The Tipping Scale Album Artwork  
Image Source: Baynot Records

‘The Mechanic

The beat to this opening track on The Tipping Scale is so addicting! It captures our attention immediately with its hypnotic rhythm while Kiplaw’s honey voice cuts in, taking the lead. As a guitar softly fades in, Kinlaw describes a tender scene with a metaphorical mechanic, who corrected the miscalculations on a “motor” they had built by a “sensitive guy” heard in the opening verse. As the track progresses the feelings for the mechanic do too as Kinlaw expresses, in our favorite lyric, “we’re keeping our hands locked in our own odd kind of pact/ we have me, the feeler, and the mechanic.” What a stunning track to start with!

‘Two Poets

Driven by an electronic beat with synthesizers, ‘Two Poets’ tells the tale of lovers in a relationship that has gone astray symbolized “in the fog.” As Kinlaw learns that they truly want to stay with their significant other, the haze begins to slowly lift enough so Kinlaw can “find their hand.” Though the genres are entirely distinct, ‘Two Poets’ gives off the same vibe as Pat Benatar’s ‘We Live For Love’ as Kinlaw continuously searches to make the relationship work though it may be on the brink of a breakup.


The Tipping Scale takes a sweeter tone with the third track ‘Home.’ Kinlaw’s already harmonious voice heard in the first two tracks, sounds so angelic in this one backed by a lovely melody that grounds in the idea of making a home with someone else. Especially after leaving us hanging in ‘Two Poets’ wondering if the lovers will make it, ‘Home’ is satisfying as Kinlaw mediates on the lyrics “it’s just enough/ and I cannot believe it’s as simple/as this.”

‘There She Is

Here is Kinlaw! That’s what we had to say after hearing this one as we bop our heads along this sick track with all those starry synthesizers. Turn up ‘There She Is’ when you need to get vented up frustrations because it’s musical escapism at its finest and we’re belting out with Kinlaw as sings those relatable lyrics such as “so now I’ve got to take care of my real life/ cause I’m not wasting all my time crying.”


Kinlaw slows things down on The Tipping Scale with this track but still can high those high notes effortlessly. We absolutely are here for it! While we’re amped up by ‘There She Is,’ ‘Haircut’ gives us a different release. We love how Kinlaw correlates self-growth and letting things go through the idea of cutting hair. While a haircut can be a small change to alter your appearance, the act of cutting hair off is can be freeing and Kinlaw defines these ideas so beautifully in this gorgeous middle track.

‘Potential Control Freak

With ‘Potential Control Freak’ the energy picks back up again with a heavy drum beat reminiscent of The 1975. But while the beat is heavy the emotions run high with harmonious strings and the context of the track. We also get to see a little bit of Kinlaw’s human side, building what they call a “potential control freak” out of “pieces to parts I can’t hold on to.” Chills.  


We wander throughout Kinlaw’s thoughts in ‘Permissions’ as she candidly expresses about growing older and watching things crumble around her. However, though ‘Permissions’ is filled with beautiful lyricism much like the rest of The Tipping Scale, we’re obsessed by the overall sound. It’s is interesting as it is haunting, packed full of cool productional motifs! We just can visualize such a jaw-dropping dance routine to this one with its own high scale production!


It’s safe to say our favorite track off The Tipping Scale is ‘Oleander.’ Much like ‘The Mechanic’ that took out breath away with its stunning lyricism and its intricate beat, this one does too but with a different vibe. In ‘Oleander,’ Kinlaw mixes in spoken word creating an overall interesting texture and gives the album its uniqueness. You just have to listen to this one, trust us!


Ugh, we can dance to this one all day and night! It’s so cool. Overlaid in a minor tone, we just love those heavy-hitting drums interchanging with that dubstep beat and the hints of the xylophone!  In fact, ‘Blindspot’ was Kinlaw’s first track of The Tipping Scale to have a music video, you can watch all the dancing to inspire moves of your own! You can watch it below.

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‘The Road

Finally, The Tipping Scale concludes with the emotionally powerful track, ‘The Road.’ Like a fine wine that has aged over time, this track slowly builds becoming sweeter with each passing measure. Although it doesn’t build to the same scale as Harry Style’s ‘Fine Line,’ the aftertaste is still satisfying. In fact, ‘The Road’ is one of those tracks that keeps you deep in thought after it ends and letting it simmer. But if we’re being honest that’s the effect of the entire album and after you sit in silence for a little while, you find yourself pushing play on to hear it all over again.

 Purchase your copy of The Tipping Scale here!

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Featured Image Source: Cameron Tidball

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