Catie Turner Is Playing ‘Hide And Seek’ In Her Newest Track

Catie Turner Is Playing ‘Hide And Seek’ In Her Newest Track

We’re full-on Catie Turner stans at this point. Can you blame us? Catie is a complete breath of fresh air. Since the beginning, her music has been so raw and real, that’s why so many fans have flocked to her. We can see ourselves in her lyrics and relate so deeply. She’s one of us, and that’s a connection you can’t find with every artist.

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In ‘Hide and Seek,’ Catie explores a relationship that feels like its ending. It’s on the rocks and she says, “If you don’t wanna stay, don’t stay for me,” how heartbreaking. Having a one-sided love is earth-shattering. ‘Hide and Seek’ perfectly describes that feeling and how tragic it can be. The concept for playing hide and seek is to see how far another person would go to find you, it’s such an incredible concept for a song.

Can we just give Catie a round of applause for this video! Every single scene is so beautifully crafted. The scenes shot under the covers were some of our favorites, so intimate and stunning. And yes, we have to discuss the opening scene with all of the candles, incredible. We will have this video on repeat. Catie has once again blown us away with yet another project. She just keeps getting better and better and we love to see it!

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