Denzel Curry and KennyBeats Back at it with 1.5

Denzel Curry and KennyBeats Back at it with 1.5

Denzel Curry and KennyBeats are two of the biggest names in hip hop. Last year they released the most energetic projects of the year, UNLOCKED. It only took the pair three days to record the album, which is absolutely insane considering the quality of it. UNLOCKED showcases KennyBeats’ dynamic production and Denzel’s virtuosic lyrical ability. But what was alluring about the album was just how much fun Denzel and Officer Kenny had making it.

Since then, the duo has announced they are working on a remixed album, UNLOCKED 1.5. The list of producers/rappers that are working on the remixes is just absolutely insane. Names like the Alchemist, Joey Bada$$, Smino, and Benny The Butcher have appeared on the tracklist. The first track that was leaked was the remixed version of ‘So.Incredible.pkg’ featuring Smino and none other but the legendary Robert Glasper.

Smino needs almost no introduction but for those of y’all who don’t know who Robert Glasper is, do yourself a favor and listen to his album Black Radio. Robert Glasper is a musician’s musician, a jazz pianist that wears his hip-hop influences proudly. He and Smino re-frame the track entirely to create a vibe that is waaay chiller. The chopped-up female jazz vocals and pitch-shifted synths create a dream-like soundscape. While we love Denzel’s style of rapping, he is more suited to creating more energetic tracks. Conversely, Smino’s spoken-word delivery is perfect for a track that’s more on the easy listening side of things. 

Image Source: Jason Mendez via Getty Images

We believe the entire point of remixing a song is to create an entirely new sound and feel. For us, a good remix says “this is how it would sound if we made this.” This leak is a perfect example of the creative freedom that Denzel and Kenny are giving to artists when they remix their songs. It also showcases Smino’s and Glasper’s musical prowess in reimagining the song. UNLOCKED 1.5 is dropping on March 3rd and you already know this is gonna be a good one. You can stream the new track on YouTube and Spotify.

How do y’all feel about remixed albums? What did you think about the Smino/Robert Glasper Duo? Let us know @TheHoneyPOP on Twitter!



Featured Image Source: Jason Mendez

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