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God Damn! Monsta X’s I.M Flaunts His Duality

God Damn! Monsta X’s I.M Flaunts His Duality

Monsta X’s I.M proves to the world that he is a visionary, an artist, and a king all in one with his first solo album, Duality. The iconic solo album was officially released by Starship Entertainment on February 19th. Leading with the title track, ‘God Damn,’ I.M made sure his message was heard loud and clear with every track. Duality is different from the music we hear from him and Monsta X, the album is filled with lo-fi beats and sing-rap vocals that adds to the dimension of the euphoric feeling the album puts you in. The album also competes with his previous mixtapes, Fly With Me and Horizon as it shows how much he has grown as both a producer and an artist with his lyrical and vocal work. Honestly, it’s a work of art and a work of art that we have fallen madly in love with.

God Damn 

Well, ‘God Damn’ is right I.M because…god damn. In the music video, Changkyun puts himself in a party setting that is both eating him alive but also giving him life. He stumbles throughout the music video in a faded-like state that symbolizes being confused and at lost with yourself. When you sit down and read the lyrics into the song, you realize just how heartbreaking the song is itself. In his countdown live on YouTube before the official release of the music video, Changkyun said he chose the ‘God Damn’ theme because it can be used with both positive and negative meanings. He also said the lyrics should not be taken literally and we have to dig deeper. It’s evident as lyrics such as, “Should I just say everything’s alright, I’m tired of pretending I’m not” and “I’m anxious about this temporary happiness” are written within the song. The song mixed in with the visuals of the music video shows the darkness and anxious feelings that come alongside the concept of a fading love with a distressing ending. As the beat fades out, ‘God Damn’ manages to set the mood perfectly for the rest of the tracks on the album.


The only track that is strictly in English, ‘Howlin’’ gives us a sense of motivation. We all know that life is not a singular path, it’s full of ups and downs with no clear-cut answer. ‘Howlin’’describes this perfectly in addition to making a point that you can’t be held back. In the chorus, I.M says, “You want me be a shade, but I’m made for a big wave.” It shows that he was not willing to let anyone stop him from becoming the star that he is today and we’re glad he didn’t. In a way, ‘Howlin’’ can be taken as a song where you must howl emotionally to make your mark. When talking about the song, I.M. described it as a song that feels like you went through a white cloud while driving in the night. It’s the calm after the storm. With his traditional raspy voice, Changkyun cuts clear with his message and his vision within the song as he matched the trap-like beats perfectly.

Image Source: Starship Entertainment


As the third track on the album, ‘Burn’ serves as the bridge between the first two and the last two songs but also as the smooth vibe track within the album. Although it includes trap beats and the dragged-out vocals as the rest of the songs, ‘Burn’ just seems more chill. The lyrics in ‘Burn’ talk about moving on without having any regrets and dwelling on the post. The intensity with the beats is not as evident within this song but the emotional aspect of the lyrics upholds the message. It’s a song that you can close your eyes to and just clear your mind to.

Happy To Die

Of course, an album composed by I.M isn’t an album composed by I.M if it doesn’t contain a song about a powerful love. ‘Happy To Die’ is the fourth track on the album and is a track filled with passion and love. The song starts with the background music fading into I.M booming the words, “I could die right now” before he goes into rap-singing the rest of the lyrics. In his countdown live, Changkyun said he got inspired when he watched Eternal Sunshine when Jim Carrey said, “I could die right now.” Changkyun interpreted this scene as being so happy that you just wish to die. Of course, to us, it’s a beautiful love song filled with the possessiveness and warmth that can be found in a relationship. Honestly, we already added this song to the playlist we shamelessly share with our partners. As the song ends, it fades out with I’M’s beautiful vocals singing the chorus. 

시든 꽃 (Flower-ed)

‘시든 꽃 (Flower-ed)’ is the final track within the album and serves as the simmer to the emotion-ridden album. Formed in a poem-like track, the song has a sorrowful tone as the lyrics give an understanding of a love that has faded from one’s mind. It’s an amazing end to the emotional rush that is the album Duality.

Image Source: Starship Entertainment

In just a little over 24 hours, fans of Monsta X were able to get a million views on the music video for ‘God Damn.’ It was truly amazing to see how much Monbebes wanted to support I.M and came together to do so. All together, Duality contains five songs and totals out to a fourteen-minute listening time. When fans noticed it, they truly felt the love from I.M. Five and fourteen are important numbers to Monsta X and Monbebes because it stays for the date that Monsta X debuted, May 14th.

Duality is an album that was worth the wait. All of the tracks on the album were full of meaningful metaphors that created a seamless narrative. The album which I.M called his baby, is one for the record books and one that we will keep on streaming. In simple terms, we’re in love with Duality.

What’s your favorite song on Duality?  Let us know down below or on Twitter @TheHoneyPOP.

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