NBC Takes Us Inside The World Of Young Rock

NBC Takes Us Inside The World Of Young Rock

When you think about the biggest movie star who do you think about? Personally, we think about Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

Arguably, Dwayne Johnson is one of the most famous people on the planet, wherever he goes adoring fans follow. But it’s for a good reason, he’s the hardest worker and the nicest person in every room, and look how far that’s gotten him.

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The new NBC sitcom Young Rock follows Dwayne’s early life growing up as the son of a wrestler and ‘Working The Gimmick.’ It takes you through what it was like for Dwayne to be 15 looking like he’s a middle-aged man and how that affected his school life. But then shifts and focuses heavily on his relationship with his mother. There is so much humor and heart and that’s only episode one!

NBC ordered 11 episodes and we certainly can’t wait to continue to learn more about Dwayne. If you follow Dwayne online you may already have a pretty clear picture of who he is; a devoted father, son, husband, and friend, but everything hasn’t always been easy and he’s ready to let fans into his life in a way like never before.

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The show is framed in a way that Randall Park is interviewing Dwayne Johnson about a 2032 presidential run. It cuts away to all of these memories narrated by Dwayne himself. It’s a unique premise for a show, but there is only one person who could pull it off, and he’s doing it perfectly.

You won’t want to miss Young Rock Tuesdays on NBC!

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