Exclusive Interview: Catie Turner on New Music, American Idol & Tie-Dye


Brazen auburn daydream, Catie Turner is the kind of singer-songwriter that writes heartbreaking new music on a sunny afternoon. After stunning audiences from the American Idol stage, the 20-year-old artist is carving out her own space on the alternative-pop charts. With her unique blend of heartbroken lyrics and bright, airy production, she’s bringing a new kind of hopeful sadness to an industry cornered with melancholic chart-toppers like Billie Eilish and Taylor Swift.

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As energetic as it is troubled, ‘Hide and Seek’ has arrived at such an exciting time in the singer-songwriter’s musical journey. Catie Turner’s new music depicts her turning-of-age, wherein the pen’s last ink of adolescence seeps into adulthood. This mix of lively hand-clapping and authentic, serene vocals certify that Catie’s exciting, maturing musical direction is a road worth exploring!


Read the interview below to hear all about Catie Turner – from her new music, to her experience on American Idol, to why she hosted a tie-dye party!

Without American Idol, I would be nowhere.

American Idol via YouTube

Given the chance, would you re-live your American Idol experience? If you could go back and give yourself advice, what would you say?
100%. Without American Idol, I would be nowhere. That’s not even in a self-deprecating way; I was a high schooler from a small town outside of Philadelphia with no knowledge – or connections – of the music industry. If Idol never gave me that platform, I wouldn’t be doing this interview!  I think now that I’m older, and have gotten slightly less awkward, I would give my younger self this advice: who cares? The only opinion that matters is yours. If you like yourself, then who cares?

You’ve said that lyrics are the most important part of a song to you. Which of your lyrics do you feel are the most impactful, and why?
“At age 7, ice cream sundaes taste like heaven – but a moment on the lips last forever on the hips. And at age 13, you say what I eat will catch up to me, god forbid I enjoy my teens, will this make all the middle school boys like me?” This is from my song, ‘misery loves company,’ and still to this day makes me cry; every time I hear it, I feel as if it teleports me back to the exact moment I wrote this song and I feel all those feelings all over again. I think everyone on Earth has struggled with body image at some point or another, and if they haven’t: they’re lying.

“Shooting was a ton of fun. A ton of socially-distanced fun.

Hashtag Catie via YouTube

‘One Day’ gives a message of living in the now. Is this song shaped around a general life concept of staying humble and living in the present or is it influenced by a personal life experience that motivated you?
Kind of both. It’s based on a personal experience but then sort of graduates into being more about a general life concept. I still struggle to take it “one day at a time” personally!

Hashtag Catie via YouTube

The video for ‘One Day’ looked like so much fun to film. Can you tell us your favorite part of making it? What was it like coming up with the storyline and how was it working on a music video during quarantine?
My favorite part of making it had to be the parts not filmed; the time with the people on set I will always cherish. I didn’t come up with the storyline, all the credit goes to the talented director, Christina Xing. The way their brain works, I will never understand – and I will forever be envious of. Even in a pandemic, shooting was a ton of fun. A ton of socially-distanced fun.

Music is the best thing that could’ve happened to my mental health.

Hashtag Catie via YouTube

You’ve spoken out about mental health before, what are ways that you cope with the stresses of life in the spotlight, and do you find that writing these unbelievable songs such as ‘One Day’ and ‘Play God’ help you cope?
Music is the best thing that could’ve happened to my mental health. I get these thoughts out of my head and onto paper, and it’s cathartic. It’s just like a diary, only instead of writing it down, you belt it at the top of your lungs and maybe cry for dramatic effect. I love it.

We watched your TikTok harmonizing to One Direction’s ‘No Control’, and can we just say – iconic!”


So as the 1D stans we are, of course, we watched your TikTok harmonizing to One Direction’s ‘No Control,’ and can we just say – iconic! What’s your favorite One Direction song to harmonize to? And if you could choose one song on Made In The AM by One Direction to release as your own which one would you choose and why?
‘FIREPROOF.’ ‘Fireproof’ is the answer – and the only answer – to both of these questions.

I heard ‘tie-dye’ and ‘party’ and I was in.

Image via Warner Music

You have a very iconic fashion style – who are your fashion inspirations? Do you think your fashion style influences your music or vice versa?
Thank you! Tell that to my mom when she yells at me for dressing like a toddler went wild with their finger-painting, a colorful mess that makes my mom age a little bit faster. My fashion inspirations are 70’s sewing patterns, childhood nostalgia, and old people. I don’t think my fashion has any influence on my music because I feel like I can write the most depressing song while wearing the boldest colors – but I feel like that is the best representation of my personality.

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You held a virtual tie-dye party on January 8th, and even created actual kits – what was the inspiration? What are some other ways that you’re staying connected to fans?
All these ideas I wish I came up with, but just like ‘One Day,’ this was the work of someone else. This time, one of my managers came up with the idea. I heard ‘tie-dye’ and ‘party’ and I was in. Just a lot of Twitter and TikTok: those are really my favorite ways of staying connected to fans because I feel as if they can see me for the hot mess I really am.

So, what are your thoughts on Catie Turner’s new music? Did you watch her on American Idol? Are you dye-ing to attend her next virtual event? Let us know in the comment section below, or tweet us @TheHoneyPOP!


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Featured Image Source: Courtesy of Warner Music and Bibi Lara

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