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Legends Supporting Legends: K-Pop Groups and Idols Who Love 5SOS Just as Much as We Do

Legends Supporting Legends: K-Pop Groups and Idols Who Love 5SOS Just as Much as We Do

Welcome to Legends Supporting Legends, a series that’s built for multi stans to completely lose all sense of the word ‘chill’ and bask in the glory of when their favorite artists support one another, leading to the best interactions ever and totally feeding our souls.

Legends Supporting Legends 5SOS KPOP
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As multi-stans, we love when our faves recognize each other, and it’s like Christmas when they cover each other’s songs. We’ve been living for K-pop groups and idols who have been covering and vibing to 5SOS, because as major fans of 5SOS and also being total K-pop trash, we thrive off of this kind of content, and we know many of you do, too. So we’re sharing some of our faves so you can totally bask in the glory and happiness these covers bring.

‘Easier’ – A.C.E

A.C.E took to covering 5SOS’ ‘Easier’ back in 2019 and holy wow, it was like a chorus of angels meeting pop-rock. The harmonies are pure *chef kiss* and we just know Calum, Ashton, Luke, and Michael would love this.

‘Thin White Lies’ – Dino

SEVENTEEN‘s Dino covering 5SOS through dance for his Danceology series was a true blessing but the fact it was an album track from the latest album says to us that he’s a true member of the 5SOS Fam. He really created such elaborate choreography, we’re honestly in awe. And tbh, we challenge the boys to try and recreate this. That would be pretty damn funny to watch.

‘Lie To Me’ – Felix

Fellow Aussie-born Felix of Stray Kids also loves 5SOS and sang along to the beautiful ballad ‘Lie To Me’ on VLIVE and we can’t help but crave an interaction between them! Imagine them having a jam session together when they’re all home in Oz, ugh we would sell an organ for that kind of thing. Are we being dramatic? Yes, but we need it.

‘Youngblood’ – Stray Kids

During a game of Song Association, ‘Youngblood’ came up and the Stray Kids boys seemingly got excited and began belting out the 5SOS lyrics as if it was no-one’s business. Clearly members of the 5SOS Fam and while we’re not saying they have secret fan accounts, we will pretend to act shocked if it someday gets revealed.

‘Youngblood’ – Kihyun

Having been on the road together during the Jingle Bell Ball a few years back, 5SOS and Monsta X are definitely on friendly terms, and when Monsta X’s Kihyun was vibing and singing along to ‘Youngblood’ we were on the floor. It definitely has had fans of both artists calling for a collab and someone even put his cover on repeat so it plays for an hour because you know, we need that in our lives.

‘No Shame’ – Jae

Day6‘s Jae vibed to a number of artists while reacting to them and of course our boys 5SOS came up and he was really feeling it. “No one’s doing it like this!” he exclaimed at the beginning of ‘No Shame.’ We’ve seen a few Day6 and 5SOS interactions/acknowledgments now and we demand either a collab or a tour together because it would really feed us as multi-stans and we need it, okay?!

‘High’ – Soobin & Beomgyu

Back last year, Soobin and Beomgyu of TXT listened to ‘High’ during a VLIVE, and given the fact Soobin is miming along we know this ain’t his first rodeo as a 5SOS fan! Listen, boys, if you ever wanna do an official cover just know you’ll have our support 1000%.

‘Best Years’ – Lia

Guys, ITZY‘s Lia is a confirmed member of the 5SOS Fam! She literally has the CALM vinyl and played ‘Best Years’ during a VLIVE! So if you don’t already, be sure to stan ITZY because we as a fandom should support each other and our successes.

‘Youngblood’ – SUGA

BTSSUGA confirms his love for the band by adding ‘Youngblood’ to his official playlist. Okay, but imagine a 5SOS song with “Prod & feat SUGA,” our ARMYSOS hearts would be in overdrive, for real.

Honestly, our hearts are full and we are on cloud nine right now. Do not disturb, pls.

Legends Supporting Legends 5SOS KPOP
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Do you know of any K-pop idols who love 5SOS? What group would you die to see collab with them? Let us know down in the comments below or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP!

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