Look At What Zara Larsson’s Done

Look At What Zara Larsson’s Done

Zara Larsson is an absolute force.

That much is clear to anyone who has ever listened to her music. Zara has got these strong pipes and incredibly catchy songs. There’s certainly no question as to why we love her.

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‘Look What You’ve Done’ is territory that most artists don’t touch, but Zara is different. She has been making music at this unreal quality for years and seeing her get the recognition she deserves is undoubtedly what we like to see. It’s an upbeat, bright dance jam, and we can’t get enough of this track.

This whole song is a celebration of finding yourself after a relationship, telling the other person ‘Look What You’ve Done’ because leaving them made you find yourself again. It’s such an empowering track, and we just want to scream these lyrics from the rooftop. The line “You keep calling me again, But I keep dancing anyway” is a perfect example of the song’s whole vibe.

Zara Larsson – ‘Look What You’ve Done’

As part of a ride of passage after releasing a new song, Zara spoke to Zane Lowe about all things ‘Look What you’ve Done.’ She says that her new album was inspired by ABBA, which just makes us even more stoked. Zara explains to Zane, “I think this album and this song, specifically this song ‘Look What You’ve Done,’ was really inspired by the Swedish legacy, ABBA.”

Hearing her explain herself as a “messy perfectionist” is so relatable, same girl. Zara goes on in the interview to speak about writing with Julia Michaels and Justin Tranter, saying, “I sent them like 30, and then we met each other, and I played them my favorite five, and they were like, “No way, these are our favorites too.” A match made in musical heaven.

You can check out the full conversation here!

Zara Larsson has an album coming out on March 5th titled Poster Girl get it here!

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