The Hidden Treasure? guccihighwaters’ Video for ‘Rock Bottom’

The Hidden Treasure? guccihighwaters’ Video for ‘Rock Bottom’

guccihighwaters creates a stunningly visual storyline in music video for song ‘Rock Bottom (ft. nothing, nowhere.).’


A track that most of us can find relatability in, it focuses on two people who can’t seem to break free from their toxicity-filled relationship. Off of the recently released album jokes on you‘rock bottom (ft. nothing, nowhere)’ has had us buzzing even before it was released. Sampling a Vine classic, ‘I can’t believe you’ve done this,’ the emotional atmosphere is followed with lyrics to match. In new world normalcy, the track was written with nothing, nowhere. via Zoom. Unsurprisingly so, the song rocked our world as the influences of R&B shined through. Delivering a hook that absolutely smashed, helped land it as a fast favorite from the album.

Image Source: Courtesy of Press Here Publicity

The video shows guccihighwaters as he quests the desert for a hidden treasure, tying back to the soul-searching nature of the song itself. As two potential mirages, beautiful and colorful, appear, he himself almost succumbs to them. At the completion of the mission, guccihighwaters’ finds what he’s looking for…or so he thinks.

Find your interpretation of the video by watching the captivating creation here:

guccihighwaters – ‘rock bottom (ft. nothing, nowhere.)’

According to Spotify, jokes on you, released on Epitaph Records, landed 7th place in the most listened to release of the week. In celebration of the album’s launch, the streaming service placed ‘rock bottom (ft. nothing, nowhere.)’ on their ‘New Music Friday’ playlist and even gained air time on a Times Square billboard. A solid staple to the scene, we love this video and every other thing he does. guccihighwaters has quickly become a fan favorite, and from the looks, there are hopes of continuous content.

For now, though, we need to hear your interpretation of the video. So let us know, yo! Catch us down below in the comments or over on Twitter @TheHoneyPOP.

Check our full review of jokes on you here!


Featured Image Source: Official ‘rock bottom’ Video

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