Dava Is Reaching New Ceilings In Her Newest Track!

Dava Is Reaching New Ceilings In Her Newest Track!

Dava is one of those artists that once you check her out, you’re addicted and need to immediately check out her entire discography. Her sound is so unique while also fitting in perfectly within the pop music genre, and for sure has us strong in our belief that she is one to watch as she rises to unfathomable heights.

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Seeing so many new pop girls explode onto the scene is exactly what we’re here for, and Dava is doing just that. Her latest song ‘New Ceilings’ secures her place on our playlists for the foreseeable future. It’s a song that is perfect to vibe to on a night drive. Dava has this individual tone to her voice that is enticing and makes us just want to keep this song on repeat!

The meaning behind the song is equally incredible. The message of constantly trying to reach new heights and grow, and be better is something so important to us all. When you get a song that is this good sonically and lyrically it’s a slam dunk. When you think about it aren’t we all just chasing ‘New Ceilings’?

The music video for this song is exactly what we envisioned. We’re greeted with lots of neon and nighttime city vibes, an aesthetic we live for. The use of especially green neon lights just pop and make it so visually pleasing. And we have to talk about the fisheye lens, what a stellar choice. It makes this video stand out and leaves a mark on us we would never wish to wash away.

You can check out ‘New Ceilings’ here!

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