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Everyone Will Know ONF’s Name After This ‘Beautiful Beautiful’ Album

Everyone Will Know ONF’s Name After This ‘Beautiful Beautiful’ Album


ONF has been on THP’s radar for a while and we are so happy we decided to join along for the ride.

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If you don’t know, ONF is a K-pop boy group that debuted back in 2017 with hit EP ON/OFF and they haven’t slowed down since. They released fan faves (and also their most streamed tracks on Spotify) such as ‘Sukhumvit Swimming,’ ‘We Must Love,’ ‘Why,’ ‘This We Must Love’ and ‘Complete.’ Now, they have added the oh so addictive ‘Beautiful Beautiful’ from their newest album ONF:MY NAME to that list. So let’s talk about it because we have a lot to say!

‘Beautiful, Beautiful

‘Beautiful Beautiful’ was a great choice to have as the lead and opening track. As soon as the song opened up, we knew we were in for the long run. It opens up with strong beats, then it suddenly transitions with a nice electronic scale, as the track’s tone changes to a kind mix of a retro-futuristic sound. We knew we would be getting a futuristic look at ONF, but between the track and the MV, it blew us away. So…the MV. Let’s talk about how amazing it is. Not only are their outfits so cool and cute (and honestly something we would want to cop), but it brings the vibe they were going for all together.

‘My Name Is’

‘My Name Is’ is a really, really cute song and MV. If you want to know the group, no better place to start than with this track. This is why they were ever so smart to release it before the album. It’s an amazing introduction to the group and we highly recommend it to new listeners. Not only does it give you a little insight into the member’s names and their personalities but it is also very catchy. And, it also shows how their voices can blend, even though they are all different.

‘Thermometer (ON Team Version)’

Part of the ON Team: Hyojin, E-Tion, and MK

‘Thermometer’ gives you a break as the ON Team slows it down. So in the song, they sing about being so sick in love, hence the thermometer. We can’t blame them though, because once you catch that bug, it’s hard to get rid of. It really gives us that classic R&B sound we love so much. And their vocals fit perfectly with the style! They made us catch the love bug with this track.

‘Secret Triangle (OFF Team Version)’

Part of the OFF Team: J-US, Wyatt, and U

So now we are back to partying with the OFF Team and ‘Secret Triangle.’ This track gives us club vibes that we can’t help but jam along to. With the lead-up and bass drop that the track has, we can understand why people love it so much! They even throw in some guitars which make this track sound so bad-a**.

‘The Realist’

‘The Realist’ is a huge fan favorite and also one of our faves. Really, it’s such a great track, it changed us. It has that 80s synth sound and much like ‘Beautiful Beautiful,’ we get a mix of retro and futuristic vibes from it. It’s also immediately an earworm with its background track. We are kind of hoping for an MV for it just to see what they’ll do; all we know is it will be amazing. We can’t wait to take a ride with the top down through some neon lights, who wants to tag along?


‘On-You’ the interlude track is very K-poppy, but not in a bad way! It’s everything you hope for in a K-pop track. It has a very cute and happy sound to it, as it opens and closes both with kids laughing and playing around. It’s a perfect song when you’re missing those friends you can only see online, especially in our current situations. So thank you ONF, we have many people we will be sending this song to.

‘Trip Advisor’

Time to book a trip with ‘Trip Advisor.’ We can imagine the track playing as a theme song for a show from the late 80s/90s. Just close your eyes and imagine them having an intro, much like Full House, as this plays in the background. Or even an outro for a coming of age film from that era! Either way, a great track and segway to the next track ‘Feedback.’


Okay, it opens up with “da-ra-ra-ra,” we knew we would love it, and well, we did. Much like the other tracks, it gives classic R&B but mixed with pop sounds and more from the 90s/2000’s era. The chorus is very catchy and we can’t help but keep singing it, someone please stop us. We loved ‘Feedback’ now we’ll wait for your answer.


Honestly, this is such a classic love song, we can imagine it playing in the background of many k-drama romances to come. ‘I.T.I.L.U’ also helps show off each of the member’s vocals, it just screams talent! Plus the strings in the background, come on, who isn’t going to love this track! Someone, please dedicate this song to us.

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‘Beautiful Beautiful (English Version)’

As mentioned above ‘Beautiful Beautiful’ is that song and the English version is obviously no exception. But we are very grateful, because what can be better than more than one version of an amazing track? Two, obviously. Or even more, if they would be ever so gracious.

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On our first listen we instantly added every song to our playlists and had to keep hitting replay because they’re really that good! With its 8D sounds and 80’s synth vibes, we really enjoyed this comeback and the ONF:MY NAME album as a whole. We are really proud of the group and we’re sure we’re not the only ones. Please join us as we jam out to the album till the end of time.

Image Source: Tenor

So, Fuse what did you enjoy most about this comeback? Was your favorite track ‘Beautiful Beautiful’ or was it another track? Let us know in the comments down below, tweet us @TheHoneyPOP or talk to us on Facebook and Instagram!

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  • Been repeating the album ever since its release! My favourite track, other than the title, has to be Trip Advisor. The cow bell leading into Wyatt’s rap means you’re in for a good time! ONF truly never disappoints!

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