Good Times Or Bad Times, The Offspring Let’s It Roll

Good Times Or Bad Times, The Offspring Let’s It Roll

Iconic and original pure punk rock band The Offspring releases the first taste of new music in almost a decade!

One of the best-selling bands of its genre, The Offspring, sets a release date for their first new album in almost a decade. On April 16th, the band will bless us with their tenth studio album, Let The Bad Times Roll via Concord Records, and you can pre-order it right HERE.

Local legends to the So-Cal punk scene, The Offspring are no newbies to worldwide fame. Selling over 40 million albums worldwide, gaining a sturdy collection of awards, and touring the world, this band is consistent in their enormity. Creating a lasting impact across not only the music scene but television, film, and video gaming, when you hear The Offspring, you know. Comprised of singer Dexter Holland, guitarist Noodles, drummer Pete Parada and new bassist Todd Morse, they’re here to grace your eardrums with latest single ‘Let The Bad Times Roll.’

The Offspring – ‘Let The Bad Times Roll’

The album comes to us after being written and recorded over the course of the last several years. Evolving from various locations, the records home includes the band’s Huntington Beach, California studio. Third times a charm, right? We’re in store for something special as this is the band’s third time working together with legendary rock producer Bob Rock.

Staying honest to punk music and its badass demeanor, the band, and lyricist Holland took a look at the world and used today’s topics to link into their music for the album. The title track was written in late 2019 and recorded in 2020. Making a clear reflection on the country’s continuous challenges. Holland notes that in its harsh times that instead of world leaders doing their best, they’re saying “f**k it,” and agreeably, he says, “It’s really scary.”

Folks are saying, if it’s all going to Hell, we might as well make the most out of it, or at least go out swinging. ‘Let The Bad Times Roll!’

Image Source: Concord Records

Let The Bad Times Roll Track listng:
‘ This Is Not Utopia’
‘Let The Bad Times Roll’
‘Behind Your Walls’
‘Army of One’
‘Breaking These Bones’
‘Coming For You’
‘We Never Have Sex Anymore’
‘In The Hall of the Mountain King’
‘The Opioid Diaries’
‘Hassan Chop’
‘Gone Away’

How hyped are you for new tunes from this throwback? We’re so excited that we’re not alright. Get it? Let us know your feelings on the comeback by meeting us in the comment section or over on Twitter @TheHoneyPOP


Feature Image Source: Daveed Benito

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