Got Bass? Synymata Sure Does In His Dance-able Single ‘Where Does Love Go’

Got Bass? Synymata Sure Does In His Dance-able Single ‘Where Does Love Go’

We have a thing for the bass at The Honey POP. So, when we read “melodic bass” in the description for the Wisconsin bass producer, Synymata’s latest single ‘Where Does Love Go’ we just knew we had to give it a listen.  

‘Where Does Love Go’ Cover art, Image Source: Courtesy of Haven Sent

 ‘Where Does Love Go’ is a song about falling out of love featuring the Las Vegas singer Elle Vee. It starts right away with a pulsing beat – you guessed it – in the bass, as Elle’s voice cuts, sharp like a knife. But when Synymata says his bass line in ‘Where Does Love Go’ is melodic, he truly means it. The drive from the beat is quick, but the tone is refreshing as it slowly ebbs and flows between notes. We’re bopping our heads along to that bass alone!

But the piano mixed in gives ‘Where Does Love Go’ an interesting texture. We can totally visualize hitting up the dance floor, especially in that high octane middle portion of the track because it gets down! When you think it’s about to dwindle to a sweet close, this sick track picks right back up again with the same energy in the opening bars. We’re completely breathless from all that dancing that just went on. Do we think you should check it out? Oh yes, we do!

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Featured Image Source: Mike Hiller

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