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One Direction is Up All Night and Up the Billboard 200

One Direction is Up All Night and Up the Billboard 200

One Direction’s debut album Up All Night has recently entered the Billboard 200! No, you’re not accidentally reading an article from 2011! In 2010, five unassuming teenage boys from across England and Ireland came together and started a journey. Their lives were relatively normal, our lives were pretty normal, and we had healthy sleeping patterns. Over ten years later, those five teenage boys, now grown men, are worldwide solo superstars in their own right and are waiting to embark on their world tours. And we as fans, have grown with them, and honestly, haven’t slept properly since.

One Direction’s debut album Up All Night was released in November 2011 and shot straight to the top of the album charts, including the Billboard 200. And now, ten years later, it’s back on the Billboard 200 again! And frankly, it left many of us scratching our heads, because if we’re honest with ourselves, we weren’t even trying! We love a fan project here at The Honey POP, whether that’s a concert fan project, a streaming project, or a social media challenge (yes, we’re looking at you – Louies on Omegle!), but this Up All Night achievement, wasn’t born from a fan project. It wasn’t even a specific goal!

So how was this even possible? Well, the simple but effective answer is, vinyls!

One Direction’s Up All Night was never originally released on vinyl back in 2011! And that’s irked many of us over the years! Until December of last year, when Urban Outfitters announced a Limited Edition Up All Night vinyl release, exclusive to Urban Outfitters. The vinyl sold out extremely quickly (obviously!), and we were all excited to receive them, but it didn’t seem to dawn on us, that it could affect the charts! Well, wow, we were wrong. The vinyl’s shipped this month, which meant the album sales were registered! Those initial 10,000 vinyl sales, meant that Up All Night could ‘Stand Up’ on the charts!

You can get your hands on an Up All Night vinyl from Urban Outfitters here as it’s currently back in stock, but warning, we expect stocks won’t last too long!

We see so many of you have also received yours, and seeing all of your tweets with your Up All Night records and how happy they have made you, has made us at The Honey POP, a bit soft!

We received our Up All Night LP here at The Honey POP recently, and we haven’t been okay since. We just keep staring at it. The records themselves are beautiful, and honestly, Urban Outfitters went hard on these LPs! The vinyl even includes additional songs ‘Another World’, ‘Na Na Na’ and ‘I Should Have Kissed You’! They are pressed in a beautiful translucent green, and the vinyl sleeves are covered in Harry, Liam, Louis, Niall, and Zayn’s little fetus faces, and we honestly can’t cope (but we love the Payne). But more than the photos, it’s the messages that have melted our little simp brain’s here at THP HQ.

From Harry’s literal ten paragraph message; to Louis’ message to his best friend – his beautiful Mum, and the inside joke between Nialler and James Corden; these thank you messages are so emotional that we’re welling up… and then we spot that Niall has thanked “Uncle Si” and suddenly, we’re passed it. (We figured we’d give you a heads up on that one. You’re welcome besties!)

From the moment we met them, everything changed (get it?), and we will always be here, as loyal and loving fans. And time after time again, 1D stans prove this – we’re still here, we never left. In February 2021, we officially put One Direction’s debut album, back into the charts – Let’s just take a few ‘Moments’ to let that sink in. Nearly 10 years after its release, Up All Night was not only number 82 in the Billboard 200, making it the album’s 105th week on the Billboard 200, but with a mind-boggling 828% increase in sales, it also became the 2nd highest-selling vinyl album of the week and the overall 5th highest-selling album of the week!

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In 2015, Harry asked “Please don’t forget us” and at every single opportunity, One Direction stans show that we could never, and will never forget. They made this feel like ‘Home,’ and it continues to be our home, ten years later.

So here’s to One Direction fans – whether you’re an OG ten year stan, a post-hiatus (sorry) stan, or a quarantine stan. Thank you for buying the record in your thousands, and getting One Direction’s debut album, back in the charts after ten years. We appreciate you.

And here’s to Harry, Liam, Louis, Niall, Zayn, Kevin, Jennifer, Leeroy, Veronica, One Addition, Ishmael, Jimmy, taking chonces, 3 bananas for a euro, Liam’s tortoise’s missing foot, energy juice, Niall’s box, girls who eat carrots, Spin The Harry, Malibami and everything in between; for the years that they gave us, and the comfort they continue to give us, especially during these difficult times.

Now if we could just get Take Me Home and the full Midnight Memories on vinyl too, please? Maybe then we might sleep? Thanks. Have you got your Up All Night vinyl yet? We want to see it! Get in touch with us by tweeting us at @TheHoneyPOP or visiting us on Facebook.

Why not check out The Honey POP’s other One Direction articles? Read all about our reactions to 23rd July here or see our top ten moments of the 10th anniversary here and relive the stress again (now that you’ve slept!).


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