Peach PRC Calls Out ‘Josh’ In Her Debut Single

Peach PRC Calls Out ‘Josh’ In Her Debut Single

‘Josh’ is the Pop song straight out of our dreams. It’s bright and a total call out of an ex which we are so here for. Peach did that. Shady bops for the win!

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We need those anthems that you scream with your friends at parties and that is ‘Josh’. We may have never dated a Josh but when this song comes on you can bet we will be acting like it.

All we want to do when our ex wrongs us is write a call-out at this level of excellence. When Peach says “How’s your business working out such an entrepreneur clown” we gasped. Peach came for his neck but honestly after listening to this track it’s clear he deserved it. From the sounds of it, Peach is better off without ‘Josh’.

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Peach straight up just said “Stop calling me Josh” and told him to see a therapist. We are obsessed with this energy. If you are going to continue to harass your ex-girlfriend who happens to be a songwriter she is certainly going to drag you in a song. She knows he’s going to hear it but she frankly doesn’t care. We can all learn something from Peach PRC in this track!

We can’t wait to see Peach PRC blow up and have this song everywhere. She is the breath of fresh air we needed in our playlists and we are so ecstatic to see what she does next. Click here to stream ‘Josh’ on any platform your ex might still have access to. They deserve to see this song in your playlist

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