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Suitable Miss Releases Debut EP, Don’t Look Back!

Suitable Miss Releases Debut EP, Don’t Look Back!

Suitable Miss

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New on the pop-punk scene, Suitable Miss, have released their debut EP, Don’t Look Back! As huge fans of the pop-punk genre, it’s so nice to see new bands pop up in the scene. If you like All Time Low or Tonight Alive, you are going to love Suitable Miss.

About The Band

Suitable Miss is a pop-punk band from Denver, Colorado. The band started out as a duo between cousins and best friends Sarah Perez and Kelsey Gant. Within a year, the band grew to a five-piece with the addition of Andrew Elofson, Tom Hanson, and Noah Sauls. Within the two years that they have been a band, they have released three singles and have played two statewide headliners, as well as being support for a number of acts across the Denver area.

Image Credit: Justin Urban/Urban Impression

Don’t Look Back On Suitable Miss

On February 10th, the band released their leading single, ‘Black and White‘ from Don’t Look Back. They premiered the single on New Noise Magazine and it is a certified bop. The first few seconds of the song immediately brought us back to 2014 when we would blast All Time Low and Paradise Fears in the car on our road trips.

Andrew Elofson, the guitarist of Suitable Miss, spoke to New Noise Magazine and said the following about ‘Black and White’:

“At the end of the day, ‘Black and White’ is about growth. It’s about taking the challenges life gives you and conquering them head-on. Toxic relationships, unfortunately, do happen in life, but you have to be strong enough to move on and grow from them. Learning to do what is best for you and see things clearly is a key component of the song’s theme. The undeniable, pop-punk energy of the chorus combined with the aggressive, easycore edge of both verses sets as a perfect backdrop for the message in this song.” 

Suitable Miss’s debut album, Don’t Look Back, is out now and we highly recommend you all check it out. The catchy melodies and high-energy hooks bring the nostalgia factor back to the pop-punk scene that we have sorely missed.

Album Track List

  1. Earthquake
  2. Questions and Answers
  3. Cost of Happiness
  4. Lost at Sea
  5. Boomerang
  6. Black and White

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Featured Image Credit: Justin Urban/Urban Impression

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