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We Might Need Life Support After Hearing Madison Beer’s Debut Album

We Might Need Life Support After Hearing Madison Beer’s Debut Album

We are long-time Madison Beer fans here at The Honey Pop! Ever since her debut single ‘Melodies’ we’ve been hooked! We can hardly believe we are sitting here writing about her debut album, Life Support! Seeing how much Madison loves this project has gotten us even more excited to dive in!

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‘The Beginning’

This is how you open an album! Madison has one of the most beautiful and unique voices in the industry and it’s captured perfectly on ‘The Beginning.’ No lyrics necessary just her using her magical gift to bless us all for 58 seconds.

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‘Good In Goodbye’

Madison is putting this man in his place. ‘Good In Goodbye’ is if ‘Dead’ had an older sister. It’s everything you want in a good pop song. We can never get enough of toxic people being called out in songs and Madison did just that on this track, it’s a yes from us.

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This song is stunning. It feels almost whimsical. You can tell it’s personal, Madison sings with so much emotion we can only imagine how deep this will hit live. This shows how soft, yet powerful Madison can sound. It shows how vulnerable she’s willing to get in music which makes us love her even more.

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‘Follow The White Rabbit’

Oh, come on Alice In Wonderland reference! This song feels haunting but in the most perfect way. This song has a much heavier sound than any song so far on the record and we are obsessed! This is exactly what we wanted out of this record!

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Madison has ‘Effortlessly’ blown us away with this track. Her voice truly gave us goosebumps throughout it. Yet another song that you can tell just hits different for her. We can only imagine that when it’s performed live, you will be able to see that emotion all over her face.

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‘Stay Numb And Carry On’

Wow. This song hit us hard. “Truth is it was never love, your fault if you thought it was” just made us audibly gasp. What a shot through the heart. This is one of those songs you have to listen to a few times in a row to really grasp how deep every lyric is. “I was Gin and you were toxic” is genius, Madison is pure genius.

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“I was always blue behind the red blood stain on my lips.” Is Madison kidding? Her songwriting is insane on this record. The growth is so apparent and killer. We could quote every line of this song as a standout lyric. She smashed this track.

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This track is a bit shorter than the rest but given that it’s the interlude it makes sense. The effect on Madison’s voice is so dope! A good break from our intense emotions the last few tracks gave us, was much needed.

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Madison is right back at it with another complete smash. This song is beautiful. Madison explained to Zach Sang that she wrote it about feeling like space was her true home. It’s otherworldly how good this track is, which perfectly fits the theme.

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We know her, we love her! ‘Selfish’ is a song we’ve been jamming to for months. It paints the picture of a relationship that feels very one-sided and that Madison feels like she needs to get out of, but feels like she can’t stop loving the other person. It’s one of those relatable situations where so many people will be able to scream these lyrics while relating them to a specific person.

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‘Sour Times’

“We’re rum and holy water” is the perfect line to start a song. We need to know who hurt her, we want names. This song gives off EDM meets Pop type of vibes and we are here for it! This will be one that the lyrics are definitely screamed!

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You guys know how we feel about ‘BOYSHIT.’ We talked about this song when it first came out and we are still just as obsessed! It’s an empowering song! It’s the energy we love to see!

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Here we have a sultry killer track. We have been loving this song since its earlier release and it’s still one of those songs we put on constantly. After all the heartbreak on this record, this is a nice change.

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‘Stained Glass’

And right back to the heartbreak! But we love it! Madison’s voice sounds the most stunning when it’s this vulnerable and raw. “My skin is made of glass but apparently it’s stained,” truly who’s doing it like her? That line is incredible.

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‘Emotional Bruises

We are ready to be hurt again. Whoever this song is about screwed up big time. They got her to the point where she has to solely think of herself and stop worrying about hurting them. For Madison, that’s a hard place to get to.

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‘Everything Happens For A Reason’

What a unique tone this track has! We love it it’s very delicate and soft yet somehow bright. But it also has heavy lyrics. It’s a paradox yet, we are completely in love with it. And Madison’s voice is just stunning here. We can’t help but keep hitting repeat, overs, and overs.

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‘Channel Surfing / The End’

We kind of hadn’t thought about how there was going to be an end to Life Support! And now we are both sad and so thankful we got to experience this. This track is a perfect closer. It’s a culmination of the whole experience that is Life Support.

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Madison is performing Life Support front to back on March 6th and 7th and you can get tickets here! You can stream Life Support and have your life changed here!

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We would love to hear from you! What do you think of Life Support? Let us know by commenting down below or tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP! We are also on Facebook and Instagram!


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