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Wonho Is The One We Never Want To ‘Lose’

Wonho Is The One We Never Want To ‘Lose’

When Wonho debuted as a solo artist back in September with the first part of his Love Synonym series, he blew everyone away. Not only did the album chart at No. 1 on the Worldwide iTunes Album chart, amongst others, but we saw him going viral and capturing the hearts of non-fans worldwide. Now, nearly six months later, the singer, songwriter, and producer has returned with one of the most highly anticipated comebacks of 2021 so far. 

Love Synonym #2: Right for Us on the surface may not seem like the emotional album you expect it to be. But, as an idol who has always been open with their emotions, Wonho always carries a deeper meaning when it comes to his music. As we listen to his sweet falsetto, the album explores these deeper struggles and gives us eight tracks that take us on a journey of self-discovery. The title track for the album, ‘Lose,’ is a song that does just this. Facing a break-up, we listen and watch in the music video, as Wonho struggles with these emotions until ultimately discovering his true self. It is a stark contrast to the title track of his first album, ‘Open Mind,’ and the darker fantasy images we see in the music video help carry this deeper message along. 

Much of the album follows this same journey, such as in another emotional song, ‘Flash.’ Fans are already familiar with the song, as Wonho performed it last year during his online concert. The performance was moving, and the song talks about the feelings of letting someone go. The lyrics are dreamy and talk about a light, which takes on many forms in the song. From representing Wonho’s longing and yearning to the other person and their own light, it is another song amongst his discography that deals with facing tough emotions and overcoming them.

It also would not be a Wonho album, it seems, without a love song to one of his greatest loves, his fans, Wenee. We saw this in the emotional ballad from his last album, ‘Losing You,’ and Wonho provides yet another tribute for his fans in the song ‘WENEED.’ Playing off of the fandom’s name, the song talks about the relationship that the two have, and how the fans have been the ones to support and lift him up through everything he has gone through. Wonho and Wenee have a unique partnership, one that is very rare for an artist and their fans to have, and he captures his feelings for them perfectly in this dedication.

The album also sees Wonho teaming up with KIIARA on the track ‘Ain’t About You.’ The two’s vocals blend seamlessly together, giving us chill-inducing harmonies. We also get funky beats from the song ‘BEST SHOT,’ a song that highlights that falsetto that Wonho has become known for. ‘Devil’ is the sultry track we needed, showcasing a bit of the darker and sexier side of the idol. The album explores different genres but ultimately carries the message of diving deeper into one’s emotions and all the parts that make up oneself. Wonho has outdone himself for a second album, showing us all sides of himself and offering a little something for everyone, regardless of their music taste. He continues to prove his artistry to the world, the artistry that his fans have seen in him always.

Be sure to stream Wonho’s album and let us know your thoughts! Which song is your favorite? Do you have a song you hope to see him perform soon? Let us know in the comments below, or tweet us @TheHoneyPOP!

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