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Architects’ Latest Album Is ‘No Ordinary Extinction’

Architects’ Latest Album Is ‘No Ordinary Extinction’

Architects are back, and they’re back with a bang! For Those That Wish To Exist is the gutsy record we’ve been crying out for at THP HQ all year. It’s the band’s ninth studio album, but this time the reigns have stayed in the Architects camp as it’s completely self-produced. We’re completely here for it sonically and aesthetically and you should be, too!

There’s no question that British rock band Architects are talented. They are. Period. But this latest album is a masterclass in their skill as songwriters, musicians, and producers. Not a single track on For Those That Wish To Exist is skippable, and we’re in love with every track on the record. While it may not be as heavy as long-time Architects fans would’ve wanted, it is nuanced in an enlightening way. For Those That Wish To Exist is most definitely an Architects album. 

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Tracks like ‘An Ordinary Extinction’ showcase the group’s new musical direction; with electric hooks, raunchy drum lines, and hard-hitting chorus vocals. It’s a dizzying combination of new and old. And it has us on the edge of our seat whenever we give this album a spin. ‘Giving Blood’ is just another example of this sweet combination that has given For Those That Wish To Exist a cemented position as one of our favorite records this year!

Lyrically, this latest Architects release also hits the spot. Reflecting on the human condition and the threat that climate change poses to life itself, this album effortlessly intertwines existentialism and hope into one. From hit singles ‘Animals’ and ‘Dead Butterflies’ to the haunting ballad ‘Dying Is Absolutely Safe,’ the lyricism on the record equally matches the dominance of its sound.

Beloved distant blue, One day I’ll die for you, And swim in sweet serenity, Cause death is not my enemy

Dying Is Absolutely Safe

If collaborations with rock royalty are your thing, then Architects haven’t disappointed either. Winston McCall of Parkway Drive, Mike Kerr of Royal Blood, and Simon Neil of Biffy Clyro all make an appearance on this album! All three tracks featuring these three rock legends are exquisitely divine. Together, they are a perfect testament to the position of Architects in British Rock. 

What’s YOUR favorite track on For Those That Wish To Exist? Let us know by commenting down below or tweeting us over @TheHoneyPOP!

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Featured Image: Ed Mason Courtesy of Architects

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