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5 Wonho Fancams Every Fan Needs to See

5 Wonho Fancams Every Fan Needs to See

It is no secret that one of our favorite idols, Wonho, is probably one of the best performers out there. Not only does he captivate with his sweet vocals, but his stage presence is unlike any other. Honestly, very few idols have a duality like his; he can capture the mood of any song he is performing perfectly, which is often a stark contrast to his kind and playful personality. So today, we thought we would share five of our favorite Wonho fancams that show just how incredible a performer he is.

‘Shoot Out’ – MCountdown (November 2018)

One of, if not the most viewed fancam of his, the ‘Shoot Out’ era was an excellent era for Monsta X. It was also an outstanding era for Wonho, who made everyone’s head turn any time they performed the iconic song. From his outfits to him embracing a bit of a darker persona that came with this era’s concept, we are shocked if there are people out there who watch this fancam and don’t fall in love. If you’re like us, we bet you’re going to be watching this one over and over again. 

‘Play It Cool’ – MCountdown (February 2019)

We highly recommend that after watching the ‘Shoot Out’ fancam, you look at this performance of ‘Play It Cool.’ We get this suave and playful performance (after a darker concept) featuring Wonho’s iconic pink hair and smile. You can tell he loves performing in this fancam, and watching it after ‘Shoot Out’ showcases that famous duality we were talking about. Another must-watch!

‘Open Mind’ – MCountdown (September 2020)

From his debut stage, an ‘Open Mind’ fancam is one you need to watch. Wonho ultimately shines as a soloist, and every stage will prove that. But there is something about this performance that has us wholly drawn in. Seeing how he makes the stage his own is something we never get tired of seeing, and once again, it’s very hard not to fall for Wonho as we watch him perform. We’re willing to bet that it will become a favorite of yours too!

‘Stuck’ – Cheongju Chinese Student Festival (September 2016)

We’re willing to bet that many Monbebe and Wenee have seen clips from this performance, as many fans use it for their own fan edits. This focus fancam, honestly, has everything we could want. The famous blue hair, joking around with Hyungwon, his solo stage, and yet another outfit that fans still talk about today. We know that ‘Stuck’ is one of the harder choreographies that Monsta X has done, but it’s one reason why ‘Stuck’ is a fan-favorite. We will never get over how much Wonho shines during this performance.

‘Oh My’ – We Are Here Tour Osaka (September 2019)

Okay, we know that ‘Oh My’ is Kihyun’s song, but Wonho came very close to stealing the spotlight at the end of the We Are Here Tour. When Wonho stepped out in the leather jacket outfit, fans went crazy in the crowd, and we couldn’t blame them. Not only was the outfit striking, but Wonho lit up the stage, and it made the ending concerts of this fantastic tour even that more hype.  

Bonus Clip: ‘WENEED” Special Clip (Only Wonho Ver.)

Leave it to Wonho to always be spoiling his fans. This unique and personal video for his song ‘WENEED’ is exactly what we needed (slight pun intended). Not a day goes by that he doesn’t remind Wenee just how much he loves them, and various videos like this prove it. We once again find ourselves falling more for the idol, if that were even possible.

So, did we pick one of your faves? Is there a fancam or performance of Wonho’s that you love? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @TheHoneyPOP!

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Featured Image Source: Wonho Official Account via Twitter

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