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j-hope Takes Us to The ‘Blue Side’ in the Extended Version of The Song

j-hope Takes Us to The ‘Blue Side’ in the Extended Version of The Song

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Today marks three years since j-hope blessed us all with his debut mixtape Hope World and to celebrate this momentous day in BTS music history, he’s decided to bless us all with an extended version of ‘Blue Side.’ Aren’t we lucky?!

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The outro track on the mixtape is initially just 1:31 seconds of pure Hobi serenity, short but sweet. However, to mark the anniversary of his first release, a longer version was posted to Soundcloud and YouTube at a whopping 3 minutes and 19 seconds, the perfect gift for ARMY. The track was produced by j-hope himself alongside Hiss noise and ADORA.

In a blog post on the BANGTAN BLOG along with English lyric translations, j-hope wrote: “It’s March 2. It’s been 3 years since the mixtape called Hope World was released. At that time, I remember that I was drawn to the rush of wanting to listen to my music, and I wrote it down as craziness as my creations were driven.”

“So, when I listen to it again, I think it was embarrassing and embarrassing. Haha, it seems that the courage and mindset of those days created this mixtape called Hope World. But sometimes I miss those days. The music journal of a boy who was innocent and wrote down the way he was immature. I think that feeling is the beginning of the thought of completing the Blue Side. Everyone thinks that at least once, they become empathized with the old ones, and then homesickness will appear. The days when I was innocent while working, I was a child who draws and fills me in a blank state. I couldn’t go back, but at least once in those arms, I
needed a versatile blue haven that comforted me and cools me down and cool. As time passed, the answers to the question ‘Why couldn’t I write all the songs?’ were getting more and more organized. It seems that it was a subject that was too much for the part that I could contain musically, but I think I had the fateful consciousness of’ Someday I will feel and know myself, right?”

“Although it is still only one song, I wanted to show that I am getting a little bit of musical maturity, and furthermore, it was released with a strong desire to continue to challenge, develop, and come back with growth. Please listen neatly
and enjoy comfortably.”

Following the surprise dropped by j-hope, fans took to social media to react.

Thank you for blessing us, Hobi! We’re so proud of you for finishing the song!

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Are you loving the new version of ‘Blue Side?’ How are you celebrating #HopeWorldDay? Let us know down in the comments below or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP!

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