Sailing On The Soulful Pop with Leon Bridges and Keite Young

Sailing On The Soulful Pop with Leon Bridges and Keite Young

Grammy Award winner Leon Bridges and Fort Worth’s native Keite Young release heartwarming track ‘Like A Ship.’ You probably heard some snippets of it if you are digging some popular Tiktoks. The song debuted as part of Black History Month on the platform.

Sound Familiar To You?

‘Like A Ship’ was part of many R’n’B tunes that you probably listen to every day. Activist and Chicago-born Pastor L. Barrett originally recorded the song. Last year, The Knocks and Foster The People gave it an electronic twist with samples on ‘All About You.’ You probably also heard it on Kanye’s The Life of Pablo.

Uniting For Charity

The collaboration is part of the Truth To Power Project. It raises money and spreads awareness to help Black-owned businesses in the region of Forth Worth, where Leon Bridges is originally from. Supporting the community along with the community around them makes a perfect fit.

Truth to Power project will raise funds in many ways. One of them is teaming up with Eastwood Music Group, alongside Dallas Mavericks and FirstCom Music, for a Soundtrack for Empowerment. It will feature many artists from various genres. Keep your eyes peeled, and be sure to grab it for Record Store Day in June.

Spreading Joy

‘Like A Ship’ wave on a sea of joy. Leon Bridges’ soothing sense of rhythm lets the sunshine enters our minds. Taking its elements from gospel and soul, it’s so groovy! It’s impossible not to jam around the sexy vibes while enjoying a little drink. The soulful duet is out now on your favorite music platform. You can find where to buy or stream the song here.

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