Baby Queen Dazzles With New Video ‘These Drugs’

Baby Queen Dazzles With New Video ‘These Drugs’

Heard of Baby Queen? Hotly tipped London singer-songwriter Bella Latham revealed her powerful new video ‘These Drugs.’

Baby Queen is not afraid to speak up. Devilish and musically inventive, she puts up to words harsh and honest facts about diving deep down trigger issues like mental health.

Need Your Visual Fix?

‘These Drugs’ video starts with images from a neon pink bathroom stall. The main character is happy with her friends, celebrating the joys of life — the girls just live in their satin world, glowing and loving each other. But life, in general, isn’t always colorful like a rainbow. Baby Queen put the picture straight. Humanity isn’t always at its finest. We all have our reaching point at some crucial moments.

“I became obsessed with the idea of only ever seeing somebody through the eyes of different bathroom stalls. I think if somebody were to watch actual footage of me in every London bathroom stall I’ve ever been in, they would see some of the most euphoric moments of my life, as well as some of the darkest.”

Baby Queen

From being happy to be lost in time, the character reminisces the dark path and the highs. The message is strong. Through the colorful fluorescent kaleidoscope to the dirty and messed up stages, we follow a confused girl as she tries to find her way to happiness.

Baby Queen wants to tell us with her new single that the drugs or whatever fix we can use to feel better can be toxic. We need to understand and listening to ourselves first. Within these brutally honest lyrics, she wanted to tell us that no matter what we can get through our difficulties and keep stronger than ever.

Feel The Hype!

Helped by the creative director at Polydor Semera Khan and commissioner Saorla Houston, Baby Queen captures genuine feelings with wonderful energy in the music video! Watch the ‘These Drugs’ video here:

The visuals are amazing, don’t you think? No wonder lots of celebs like legend Courtney Love, Killing Eve’s Jodie Comer, or the latest sensation Olivia Rodrigo, praise her.

Did you enjoy the ‘These Drugs’ music video? What do you think of Baby Queen and her music? Let us know on Twitter @thehoneypop or on Facebook and Instagram!


Featured Image Source: Meara Kallista

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