Alfa Mist Brings The Heat on ‘Organic Rust’

Alfa Mist Brings The Heat on ‘Organic Rust’

In preparation for his upcoming album, the ever-talented Alfa Mist has given his listeners a taste for what’s to come. Alfa Mist burst onto the underground hip-hop scene with his second solo album Antiphon. He and his band seamlessly transition from track to track, giving the illusion of one long jam session. Although the album never broke into the mainstream, it still has the praise of critics and fans alike. The album is the perfect thing to relax too. In conclusion, we are all excited about what he will do on Bring Backs.

His latest track Organic Rust opens with a drum loop that sounds straight out of a J-Dilla song, which results in a very natural and human beat that supports the rest of the song. And if there is one thing that we know about Alfa Mist, he loves his Rhodes piano. He gives us colorful keys that bring light to an otherwise very downtempo song. Existing on the border of spoken word, Alfa Mist’s rapping style conveys emotion through his lyrics rather than his delivery. The song deals with the idea of watching his world fall apart while he decays into “organic rust.” But above all, the production of this song is just next level.

The track is melancholic, expressive, and makes me excited for Bring Backs. It’s about time that Alpha Mist gains the recognition that he deserves. He brings such a unique sound to the London hip-hop scene. But most importantly, his upcoming album is dropping on April 23rd, and hopefully, it’ll feature more of Alpha Mist’s MC’ing. So, what do y’all think of the new track? Excited for Bring Backs like we are? Let us know at @TheHoneyPop!


Featured Image Source: taken by Kay Ibrahim

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