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9 Iconic TXT Moments Which Make Them A Supreme 4th Gen K-POP Group

9 Iconic TXT Moments Which Make Them A Supreme 4th Gen K-POP Group

Tomorrow X Together is a hot rising 4th gen K-POP boy group who have already been making a name for themselves in the short amount of time they’ve been together. Talented, funny, and totally charismatic, it’s no wonder they’re so loved by fans around the world! We’re taking a look at some of TXT’s most iconic moments that will go down in the group’s history and never forgotten by MOA.

TXT Iconic Moments Tomorrow X Together The Honey POP
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Their record-breaking debut

Our boys started their career on a high as their debut shot to the top of Billboard charts in record-breaking time. It took just 12 days for their debut effort to become a certified chart-topper, where it reached the top spot on the World Albums and World Digital Song Sales, which was the quickest time for a K-POP group to date. TXT 4th gen icons, wbk.

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The outstanding ‘Blue Hour’ Dance Break at the MMA 2020

TXT truly shone with their Blue Hour era and when taking to the stage at the 2020 MMAs, they truly took people’s breath away (including ours!) with their incredible dance break. Proof these boys have phenomenal footwork that truly dazzles in their performances.

The fan chant for ‘Cat & Dog’

For unexplained reasons, Gen Z has made barking a thing, so when TXT came out with the song ‘Cat & Dog,’ MOA ended up barking along to the track, making it the fan chant for this banger of a song, and honestly, it just adds that extra bit of fun and hilariousness that you’ll only get to experience at the boys’ shows!

Yeonjun making his modelling debut at New York Fashion Week

Eldest member Yeonjun made his modeling debut on the New York Fashion Week digital catwalk in February 2021 and was said to be “chosen as ul:kin’s brand model for his tall height and exceptional body proportions to present the collaboration pieces of the Korean designer brand.” Our TXT boys are truly the full package, with their aesthetics being the icing on the cake.

Their Japanese single being the opening theme song to Black Clover

For lovers of both Anime and K-POP, this was something to totally get hyped over as their song ‘Everlasting Shine’ was chosen to be the opening theme to the hit series Black Clover on its latest season. This was the first Japanese single by TXT so it was even more special for the quintet!

Their cover of SHINee’s ‘Replay’ at KBS Song Festival

Back in 2019, TXT went and covered second-gen legends SHINee‘s ‘Replay’ and it was honestly a moment. It introduced younger, new K-POP fans to the older music that set the foundation for what K-POP is today and was a great tribute to such icons in the industry who continue to inspire the newer generations. We’re still not over it!

Soobin’s Dolphin Cult

When Soobin and his co-host of Music Bank Arin performed a cover of Oh My Girl’s ‘Dolphin,’ Soobin’s fan cam went completely viral and birthed the “Soobin Dolphin Cult” which took off on TikTok as well as other social media platforms, making for quite the memorial 2020 K-POP meme. Soobin and his fellow TXT members caught on with the viral trend and went and posted their own cover of the cover on TikTok, proving they really are Gen Z idols that are just as involved in the culture as their fans. We love to see it!

Huening Kai being Molang’s Valentine

It’s no secret that Huening Kai is a huge Molang fan, and the love is reciprocated! But one of the cutest things we have ever seen is when Molang announced that Huening Kai was their valentine! The animation stole our hearts and had us admiring the precious love between an idol and his bunny friend.

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The Bebe Rexha Instagram Live

When the world was full of doom and gloom with the beginning of the COVID-19 Pandemic, TXT and Bebe Rexha managed to put a smile on our faces when they met virtually via Instagram Live. As a known Bebe fan, leader Soobin managed to live out his fanboy dreams and the six pop icons managed to create some memorable moments for both the fans and themselves. We need a collab ASAP!

TXT Iconic Moments Tomorrow X Together The Honey POP
Image Source: Tenor

Gah, we love TXT. We’ll be MOA for life, guaranteed!

What are your top TXT moments? Which ones would you add to this list? Let us know down in the comments below or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP!

Need more Tomorrow X Together in your life? Of course, you do!


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