Oliver Francis’ Musical Evolution Beginning With ‘Toxic Paradise’

Oliver Francis’ Musical Evolution Beginning With ‘Toxic Paradise’

We love it when artists pay attention to the details because that’s how music is created into art! We have a weak spot for that, blame it on our nerdy side. When we heard Missouri rapper, singer, producer, and multi-instrumentalist, Oliver Francis came out with a new single, ‘Toxic Paradise’ which has said to be the beginning of his musical evolution, we had to get our hands on it. After listening to what we deemed a THP certified bop, you must give it a listen!

Image source: Hopeless Records

Welcome to a ‘Toxic Paradise

The bass hits us heavy right from the start, and we know immediately that ‘Toxic Paradise’ is so sick. Mixing rap and trap with sci-fi elements Oliver Francis’ new track is explosive in sound, that differs in beats and melodies but melds so perfectly together we had to put it on repeat… again, again, and again! Much like the intricacies in sound, ‘Toxic Paradise’ reveals Oliver’s vocal talent. He easily shifts between rap with full of swag that is then followed up with a harmonious chorus, that is oh so sonically pleasing

Stay tuned for more episodes…

‘Toxic Paradise’ is the first release of Oliver Francis’ episodic concept series for his next installment, Wild Halo under his new record label Hopeless Records. The Wild Halo project will feature Oliver Francis’ new direction in his career, which started with the making of ‘Toxic Paradise,’ allowing him to bring his artistic vision to life through his writing and producing. Serving as the creative director for Wild Halo, Oliver Francis brings us his cinematic music videos with retro-futuristic plots straight from the post-apocalyptic world. Stay with us for all the details on Wild Halo coming soon!

Stream ‘Toxic Paradise’ here!

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