ONF Are ‘The Realist’ As They Continue To Rise with ‘Beautiful Beautiful’

ONF Are ‘The Realist’ As They Continue To Rise with ‘Beautiful Beautiful’

You all know (or at least should know) how big of fans we are of ONF. We are a fuse at heart through and through. But we are not the only ones, because ‘Beautiful Beautiful’ is really doing great right now and quickly rising to the top of lists.

‘Beautiful Beautiful’ is the leading single off of ONF’s newest and first full-length album ONF:MY NAME. Which if you wanna know more about our thoughts on the track and the album, check this out. But back to why we are all here, ‘Beautiful Beautiful’ has risen to the top of the iTunes K-Pop charts and rightly fully so. Also, the mv for the track has a whopping 14 million views and that’s just currently, we expect the views to continue to rise. The track and the mv are just so good! and we are still in love with the futuristic look and sound coming from the group.

And in celebration of the ever-growing ONF and ‘Beautiful Beautiful’ and also the group’s first music show win for ‘Beautiful Beautiful’ (Congratulations btw ONF and Fuse). We have made a quiz for you Fuse and anyone else who wants to know what track off of ONF:MY NAME, they are. So spare a couple of minutes as you discover a long-awaited answer we know you’ve been searching for!

So what do you think about ‘Beautiful Beautiful?’ What result did you get on our quiz? Tell us in the comments down below, tweet us @TheHoneyPOP or talk to us on Facebook and Instagram!

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Featured Image and Quiz image Source: WM Entertainment

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