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Misogyny? Pale Waves Says “We Don’t Know Him”

Misogyny? Pale Waves Says “We Don’t Know Him”

If you haven’t yet listened to Pale Waves you better start right now! This group is about to be your new fave pop-punk band, no questions asked. End of discussion. Period.

 They are new to our radar, but their new album Who Am I? is every pop-punk kid’s dream – especially if you are a 2000s pop-punk fan! It channels some serious Avril Lavigne vibes, which can be seen in their newest video (but we’ll get to that)! They are making huge waves, and we are here to fully support them: 100%!

On the new album, lies the song ‘You Don’t Own Me,’ a track that gives misogynists a big middle finger. We can’t lie, we’ve had it on repeat, and it’s going to be our anthem for 2021! It’s that good, and it just got better because the band has released a music video to go along with the empowering song, and it is stellar!

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The video opens with Pale Waves lead singer Heather Baron-Gracie acting dressed “appropriately” and acting “ladylike,” according to the misogynists of the world. She’s dressed in a high-collared, pastel pink dress and knee-high stockings as she sings the opening lines of the song.

“A pretty face like yours should really learn to smile more. And no one night stands for you or they’ll think that you’re a whore. You better cross your legs ‘Cause that’s not very ladylike. Don’t wanna hear your thoughts. Don’t even start to speak your mind.”

The beat drops for the chorus and we get a change of scenery and a dope AF wardrobe change. Now, we see the entire band dressed in whatever they want to because screw misogyny (but it is some badass pop-punk attire), and living their best lives performing. This setting seems pretty familiar to us and gives off major Avril Lavigne’s ‘Smile’ video vibes! We love that they channel Avril not just in the video but in their sound on the entire Who Am I? album. The camera pans back and forth between the two characters of Heather throughout the rest of the video and ends with Ciara Doran, the band’s drummer, throwing the drumsticks as the music ends before getting up and walking away from the drum kit, the camera falls over, and Heather blows a kiss at the camera. It’s more badass than we can describe, so you better just check it out for yourself.

The serious older pop-punk vibes just breathe new life into our souls, and we are obsessed, not only with Pale Waves but the concept of this song and video. If you can’t get enough of them, check out their album here!

What do you think of Pale Waves and the ‘You Don’t Own Me’ music video? Have you streamed the new album yet? If so, which song is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP! You can also hit us up on Facebook and Instagram!

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