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The Honesty Of ‘Till Forever Falls Apart’ – Ashe & FINNEAS

The Honesty Of ‘Till Forever Falls Apart’ – Ashe & FINNEAS

Ashe and FINNEAS have debuted their anticipated new single ‘Till Forever Falls Apart,’ and we knew it’d be amazing, but we weren’t prepared! We are so in love with it and with them.

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The new single dropped on Tuesday, March 2nd, premiering on Apple Music’s New Music Daily Radio Show with Zane Lowe (shout out to Zane Lowe for having the conversations with our faves, that we actually want to hear). Followed by the premiere of the stunningly free-spirited music video on YouTube shortly after. Plus, the pair gave their debut performance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! which aired on March 3rd! What we’re saying is, we got fed for the release!

You can stream and download ‘Till Forever Falls Apart’ here now, and we implore you, do it! It’s absolute fire.

‘Till Forever Falls Apart’ has got us right in the feels. We’re getting vibes of how love is special, breathtaking, and sometimes not forever, but the opportunity to love is what is truly electrifying. Co-written by Ashe, FINNEAS, & Big Taste (who has written for stars like Justin Bieber and Adam Lambert), ‘Till Forever Falls Apart’ is seamless. It’s sonically elegant with an air of comforting nostalgia, while lyrically, it’s refreshingly authentic. Ashe’s love of Carole King and The Beach Boys shines through the ’70s influenced track, while FINNEAS serves his own incomparable brand of innovative artistry to the collaboration by the bucket load.

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Photo Credit: Dana Trippe

And we haven’t even started with the music video yet! We’re still feeling all yummy inside from the YouTube premiere. The video was directed by Sam Bennett, and we see the pair in the California desert, busting moves reminiscent of the timeless charm of Fred Astaire and Buster Keaton (not to be confused with Diane Keaton, one of Ashe’s favorite people in the world – Ashe, we included this just for you)! On the topic of the music video, while we are strong believers in hyping up the music and artistry of our faves rather than the low effort “Who are you wearing?,” we do want to give a minute to highlight a key detail of the music video that Ashe strongly pointed out to us in her YouTube live on Tuesday – her tie! We, as fans, are fully invested in Ashe’s hella strong tie game, so, of course, we had to give it a mention – her tie is a belt, everyone!

If you haven’t watched the ‘Till Forever Falls Apart’ music video already, firstly, are you living under a rock? And secondly, you can watch it here now!

‘Till Forever Falls Apart’ is one of my favorite songs with one of my favorite people. If I’ve learned anything from ‘Moral of the Story,’” it’s that accepting the hard truth is strangely comforting. This song, while sounding like the most romantic song I’ve ever written, is about acceptance as well. The lyrics, ‘I’m gonna love you knowing we don’t have forever’ is about how it’s more important to have had the chance to love than to stay in love. FINNEAS is one of the most talented people I know and it’s fitting to release this song with someone I love so much. I’m lucky to know him and I hope to never know a life without him in it.


Ashe to me, is a timeless artist. Her music will be as relevant and important 30 years from now as it is today. Making music with her has always been an extension of our friendship and I could not love this song more.


This is not the first time that besties Ashe and FINNEAS have worked together. FINNEAS also exec-produced Ashe’s double EP Moral of the Story Chapters 1 & 2, which gave us one of The Honey POP’s most loved songs – ‘Moral of the Story.’ The song has amassed over 570 million streams, while the re-imagined version featuring one of THP HQ’s favorite people in the world, Mr. Nialler Horan, has surpassed 103 million streams. Both versions combined have accumulated a well-deserved, 674 million global streams. The song was also a triple threat at radio, peaking Top 10 on Alternative, Top 20 on Hot AC, and No.21 on Pop, respectively.

In Conversation With Zane Lowe For Apple Music

Ashe and FINNEAS sat down to chat with Zane Lowe at Apple Music to share how the song came to be. The entire conversation was such a mood, and just a truly gorgeous, real, and honest conversation. Here are some of The Honey POP’s favorite moments:

I don’t remember what I said when we hung out. I didn’t send you the record yet. But I was like, “If someone’s going to sing on my album… It’s going to be you. You have to be on it” and you were like, “I’d be honored.” And that was it, and then I was nervous to say anything else.”

Ashe in conversation with Zane Lowe on Apple Music

Soooo… there’s an album? Yes, Ashe really just said that and then dipped. Come on Ashe, don’t do this to us, we’re unstable!

And with a true lack of ego, FINNEAS also shared his experiences of self-criticism and vocal comparison. While we may not all have the same self-criticisms and worries, this talk of comparison and self-confidence is something so many of us can relate to.

I think as, in terms of self-concepts being, it’s maybe the only… Well, I don’t know. I think being Billie’s brother and collaborator and working with her as a vocalist so much day in, day out, it’s hard to be as self-confident about my voice, just because I know what she’s working with. And then I also have gotten to produce for artists like Ashe, who I think are these like truly amazing singer. So I’m hyper judgmental of my own voice, but I will take the compliment there.

FINNEAS in conversation with Zane Lowe on Apple Music

The pair also spoke about performing ‘Till Forever Falls Apart’ on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, and opened up on their feelings and anxieties about performing live.

Ashe: I think it just depends on the day and your mood. I feel like when we did it for Kimmel, it was the first time we ever performed it together, so I was really overthinking it. I was like, the director kept telling me to do stuff and I just kept forgetting, and not listening, and he’s like, “Ashe, you got to go over here now,” and Finneas had to hold my hand the whole day. I was so nervous. But I feel like when we are performing it for an audience. Then I feel like we’ll get lost.

FINNEAS: Yeah. I think it’s one or the other. I mean, that day of recording that performance, there were moments where you’re… also, but it’s like, and you know this because of your job, it’s like at the end of the day, you want to do a really good job. And so you’re worried about hitting the note, or hitting your mark, or whatever. I mean, any of that, it’s like it takes focus. I think that’s the key word is. Kind of focus.

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Ashe and FINNEAS in conversation with Zane Lowe on Apple Music

The song, music video, the collab between Ashe and FINNEAS, and the conversation with Zane Lowe, in our minds, can really be summarised in one word: honest. We absolutely love what the pair have done with the song. The clear friendship here has left us so warm. Both the song and the video have an undeniable joy, freedom, and optimism that seems to have arrived at the perfect time.

Ashe seemed to summarize release day perfectly over on Twitter, and we’re so thankful that we get to be a part of that here at The Honey POP. We can’t wait to see what comes next for ‘Till Forever Falls Apart,’ and we can’t wait to be part of giving it the fan support it deserves. Thank you to Ashe, FINNEAS, and all involved, for a truly beautiful record.

Are you as obsessed with ‘Till Forever Falls Apart’ as we are? Come and cry about it with the THP family, by tweeting us at @TheHoneyPOP or visiting us on Facebook.

We’re massive Ashe fans here at THP HQ! Why not check out the other times we’ve simped over Ashe, too? Go on, save yourself with this one, or give your soul a hug as we look at the success of ‘Moral of the Story.’



Featured Image Source: Dana Trippe

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